Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Changing Of The Guard

Yesterday was the first day of the supervisor's rotation. Everybody above Sergeant (except the Major, of course) rotates shifts and assignments every year.

So now I'm going to have to come up with a whole new slew of nicknames. Pfui.

We kept Captain Jabba (meh), and picked up Captain Calamity Jane (or just CJ for short). She's hardcore and no nonsense and I could see her packing a pair of pistols on her hip. Tough as nails and she's like Texas toilet paper. Doesn't take snit off of anybody. But I do like her, don't get me wrong. She's one of my favorite Captains.

We also picked up Lt's Strong, Chipmunk, Baby Boy, Fidel and Rodeo. A couple of those nicknames are probationary. We'll see if they grow into them.

They are all pretty much new to evening shift as none of them have been here in quite some time. So we are all wandering around trying to get a feel for how this is going to work. Heck, tonight was the first time I can ever recall having two lieutenants and a captain show up at the chow hall during main line. It was odd and it threw everybody off.

It will take a couple of weeks for us all to settle into the new routine with the new supervisors. Hopefully it won't be a painful transition. You just never know.

I'm afraid I may have gotten Vinnie mad at me this evening. There was an inmate out at one of the hospitals up in The City. About sixty miles away. When there's one out like that we always have to have two CO's there at all times. Sausage used to go on all of those out-counts to rack up the over time.

But that was when he was a utility officer. Once you get assigned a post you aren't supposed to go on those anymore. I had been sent out to B-yard and Vinnie called me and said "You and me are going on out-count to The City." So I went out and told Sgt Uncle T. He looked at Sausage and said "Didn't you want to go?" When Sausage nodded, he sent him in my place.

So now Vinnie got to spend eight or twelve hours in a hospital room with Sausage instead of me. I suspect he's going to be a little irritated with me.

Vinnie, I didn't bail on you on purpose, I promise!

Still friends?

So! On to bigger and better things. Today of course, was Valentines Day. A really odd holiday as nobody is really sure if this St. Valentine ever really existed or what it was he was supposed to have done to become a saint. He just kind of showed up in the churches rosters of martyred saints somewhere between 400 and 800 a.d.

Today was also my 24th wedding anniversary. Poor Ms. Rev has been putting up with my nonsense for half of her life. Take pity on the poor woman.

And today was also Ferris Wheel Day and National Heart to Heart Day.

Tomorrow is National Gum Drop Day. I'll bet dentists all over the country are seeing dollar signs in their sleep right now.


  1. One of my closest pals was married on Valentine's day in Vegas. Right on The Strip in one of the marriage houses. It was a cool way to do it. And, its a hard day to forget. Go on, ask me my anniversary. I remember the first one, ( my dad's birthday) I think I remember the second one and I can't quite recall the current one. May something, I think the 23rd. May have to go to the blog history for that one.

  2. The story behind Saint Valentine is that the Roman emperor (Claudia II I think, but I could be wrong) thought that marriage and families distracted his troops from their duty, so he made marriage completely illegal. St. Valentine performed married couples anyway because he thought it was stupid, and he was thrown in prison where he died for his crimes. Some versions say he was stoned to death. Either way is kind of sad.

  3. Joe- I set the date on Valentines day so i wouldn't forget either one of them. Plus, I only have to go get romantic stuff once a year. I'm not real good at that. I'm more of a "Here's something that you want, rather than something silly" kind of guy.

    Sunday- Thanks, luv.

    Doug- If there's a National Steak and Shrimp day I'm going to be all over that.

    Chanel- The problem is, that there are at least three St Valentines and nobody knows which one is supposed to be the "correct" one or if the story is a conglomeration of all three of them.