Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Good, Bad And....

Well, it's about 16 degrees outside and blowing snow flurries with 15-20 mph wind gusts. We got maybe an inch, possibly inch and a half of combined snow and ice in the last couple of days.

It's the ice that was the real beeotch. It rained pretty good for half a day the the temperature dropped. What was already on the ground froze and what continued to fall was frozen when it hit. Both my truck and the minivan are encased in ice. It may take a few large hammers and maybe an immense bandsaw to extricate them. We'll see.

I've still got head and body aches like I went ten rounds with Sonny Liston and the occasional full-body sweats that are both embarrassing and more than slightly disgusting. Just all of the sudden I'll be soaking wet and smell like I just ran the Boston Marathon. Yack.

And these horrible sudden sneezing fits. Vicious and brutal. Something Rommel would have used in Africa. Or maybe what brought down the walls of Jericho. I'll get this sudden pain between my eyes like I'm being given a lobotomy with a stone axe. My face and body will contort for long seconds trying to fight off the attack and gasping for air at the same time. And when I finally do manage to get a lungful of air I'll scream out this horrible eldritch noise... some ancient chant or primal koan that I am pretty sure come close to summoning the elder Gawds back to our plane of existence each time.

I'm pretty sure the only thing that has saved humanity up to this point is that my wife had the forethought to buy plenty of kleenex. You should thank her for that. I have.

I wish I could have recorded some off the delirium dreams I have had the last couple of days. They were all a mixture of Poe and Lovecraft and Joyce with an admixture of Coleridge and H.R. Geiger mixed in. Mr. Escher couldn't have drawn some of the things I have seen. He would have eaten all of his pencils in despair had he tried.

But despite all of this nastiness, I am on the mend. Each day I wake up feeling just a skosh better than the day before. I am far from back to 100%, but I feel a damn sight better than I did a day or two ago.

So this is Wednesday, the pivotal day in my vacation. I still don't have the energy or wits to tackle any of the projects that I had planned for this time and it's too freaking cold and nasty to go out and do any of them anyway. I'm willing to bet that the door to my shop is frozen shut again, like my truck. There's five gallons of primer and a pile of boxes of laminate flooring in the garage waiting to be ensconced in the living room. I'm sure that the wife is going to start getting testy about that pretty soon. Her whole life/scrapbooking area is in disarray waiting for me to replace the flooring in there. She has the patience of a saint, that woman does. For awhile, anyway.

Well! I think I've about run out of words and energy for the moment. I'm still feeling quite fuzzy around the edges. But I had some things to get out of my head. Y'all are lucky I can't remember some of it. Me, too.

Today is February 2nd already? Ye gads. I have been so lost, not knowing what day or time it was and not really being sure if I was awake or asleep half the time. Today is Purification Day. And tomorrow is Cordova Ice Worm Day, which is something you should click on the link to read about. I really hope that purification part works!

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