Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Whatever You Call It, It's Over

I was originally going to name this post "Indian Summer" because I thought that was what we just went through.

The winter started out fairly mild, then that huge long arctic blast blew in from the north....

Note to self: Send a message to Canada and tell them to keep their weather to themselves, thank you.

Anyway, we got all that wind and snow and ice and it got real nasty here for awhile. And then I got sick and didn't get to enjoy it much, but hey, at least I burned up vacation time instead of my sick time, right?

Then all of the sudden it turned off warm and all the ice melted and it was freaking seventy degrees outside and I was actually sweating out on the yard. And all the inmates cried that it was too hot in the houses and would we turn the heat off, please?

Well, it's a good thing they didn't turn it off because whether that was an indian summer or not, it's over. Frickin' blinkin' cold outside. Thought I was going to freeze to death out there on the yard tonight waiting for dinner to get over. And by eight o'clock there was already a frost on the freaking grass!

What the snap! By Gawd if it's those Canadians again.....

Before I wrote about indian summer I thought I should do a little research and see if I was talking about the right thing or just making a fool of myself again.

Not that I have any qualms against making a fool of myself again, mind you.

So I went to Wikipedia and searched Indian Summer. You can read their entry on the subject there if you like. It's educational. Apparently the phrase has been in use for about three centuries and, depending on where you live, it can take place any time between October and March or so.

So I guess you could call this an Indian Summer and get away with it. The Grammar Police won't show up at your door and whack you with a stick.

In France and England they referred to it as "Saint Martin's Summer" after something amusing that happened when somebody swiped the corpse of the saint and made off with it.

In Russia and alot of the Slavic-type countries they refer to it as "Old Ladies Summer". I'm guessing because the old ladies would all flock outside for a brief spell of stoop sweeping only to disappear back inside when it cooled off again.

But the one that got me best was in Turkey they call it "Pastrami Summer".

I got really tickled at that one. There was no explanation about the pastrami. I guess they just left it to your imagination.

But I do kind of want a sandwich right now..... Odd...

Well, I hope everyone managed to be Humble today. I was counting on you guys because I had to work A-side yard and it's so very hard to be humble around those guys. You know how it is.

But tomorrow is the day I have been waiting for all month. It's International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. My dogs are going to be so very happy about this one!

Hey, I hear they're good for your teeth....


  1. Ridiculous! All of our snow had melted by friday and we got another 8 inches Sunday night, snow days Monday AND Tuesday and the kids went back today...just in time to have Thursday and Friday off. WTH? Give me summer Indian, pastrami, corned beef - whatever. I just want to see my grass! (And a deli sandwich -thanks!)

  2. I'm not the PC police, but some folks consider the phrase "Indian Summer" to be insulting. Like "Indian Giver." As in, we are given summer, and then it is taken away.

    Of course, some people of the girlish gender are insulted by being called "female" or "women," because it makes their gender seem inferior to men. Somehow.

    I usually just get insulted when someone calls me a jerkwadidiotdipstickmotherlover. But, then, I'm pretty easy-going.

  3. I've always been a little confused about "Indian Summer" as well. Thanks for clearing that up.

  4. Sunday- It's doing the same silly crap here, too. Predicting snow again tomorrow night (my night on the yard of course) and possibly an inch of rain before that. Yikes!

    Doug- I don't set out to be deliberately insulting, especially to any racial or ethnic groups. But that phrase has been accepted for over three centuries. They should have complained much sooner.

    Bryan- Me too! What did we ever do before Wikipedia?