Friday, February 18, 2011

Taking A Day

I had to take a day and go get another shot. Getting that flooring done did a number on my arm.

Oh yeah. I got the floor in the living room done. The project I was supposed to do that week I took vacation and got sick? That's the one.

Pulled up all of the old carpeting that had been down for about twenty years. Yuck. Prized up all of the tack strips. Patched a few holes here and there with what I could.

If I was Bob Vila and wanted to do the job right, I would have stripped it all the way down to the floor joists and went back up from there. But I couldn't afford that. It was all we could do to buy the cheap laminate flooring strips as it was. So we made do.

Mentally, I cursed whoever built this place. I don't think they owned a level or a square. Because it aint neither one.

And they used the old cheap particle board for the subfloor that dissolves in water and pulls out in big chunks when you pull a nail. Aargh.

It took a little more effort to make it come out but we pulled it off. I have maybe half a dozen pieces to put in here and there to be completely done. Inside the closet and on the sides of the fireplace.

I'll hurt less tomorrow and I can finish it up. In the meantime I'm going to slip back into the fuzzy pink painkiller glow and go night night.

So here's the line up for this weekend.

Saturday is National Chocolate Mint Day. Yum! Just in time for Girl Scout cookies to be coming around again. Mmmmmm....... Thin mints.........

Sunday is Hoodie Hoo Day. Is that anything like Ho Dee Doo Dah Day? If anybody has any input on this, let me know.

And of course Monday is Card Reading Day. But I'll bet you saw that one coming, didn't you?


  1. I found out our place isn't square either. Can't shut a couple of the interior doors that we had put up. And in the master bedroom you can see the bow in the wall. Good thing we're never selling the place.

  2. Joe- The best thing that could happen to this place is a runaway bulldozer.

    Bryan- For some odd reason, relativity has been on my mind of late...