Friday, February 25, 2011

Cold And Rainy

Like the title says, it was a cold and rainy night. All freaking night long.

And of course, I was on the yard.

And of course, it was my night to do the Del Norte walk. Yeah.

I looked at the weather this morning and it said highs in the lower forties (it never got there) and lows dropping down into the twenties with a 100% chance of rain all night, possibly turning to snow some time tomorrow morning. Oh, and winds from 10-25 mph all evening.

That wind was a killer.

So on the bottom half I had my silk long johns (Mmmmm! Silk!) and a regular pair of long johns over them. And my uniform pants, of course. One pair of regular socks with a pair of hiking socks over them.

On the top I had a pair of long johns, my t-shirt, a black turtleneck, my uniform shirt, my hoodie, my coat and then my raincoat covering all of that. I had my hat on so the brim would keep the rain off of my glasses (somewhat) and my tuque over my hat to keep my head warm.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror up in central and I looked like some sort of blue collar bag lady with all of those layers going on.

But they did the trick. My face and hands got a bit cold because sometimes wearing thick gloves isn't a good idea. There are just some things you can't do with gloves, if you know what I mean. For the most part I stayed warm and dry. I'm happy with the result, even if I was bundled up like a toddler in a snow suit.

They said we might get up to an inch of rain in 12 hours and I suspect we got every bit of that and maybe even more.

Turned every bit of the camp that isn't concrete into a swamp. I thought I was going to lose a boot a couple of times, there. Unfortunately there are bits of working the yard that require we don't stick to the sidewalks at all times. Once or twice I thought I might end up getting sucked under.

Ah well, I survived. Didn't get a chance to eat my tortilla chips, tho. That was a bummer.

So what exciting holiday is tomorrow? Let's check the magic chalkboard and see!

Hmm.... flip flip.... scroll.... scroll.... scroll.... Hey! Tomorrow is Pistol Patent Day. Apparently it's the day Samuel Colt applied for his patent on the revolver. It was in 1832 and Colt was a mere lad of 18 at the time.

Oh, I really do hope that's not an omen. Hope. Hope. Hope.....

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  1. Cold, windy, rainy weather is no fun to have to be out in.