Saturday, September 8, 2012

Two Things

I learned two very important things this evening.

One was old and I should have known better and the other was a new situation, but I am sure to remember how to deal with it in the future.

Thing One: Even if I think the weather man is a complete imbecile and it doesn't really look like it's going to rain, carry the stupid rain gear in even if it does weigh a ton.

Because it rained like crazy for hours. Another one of those tarantula downpours.

I got freaking soaked.

And of course my rain gear was all out in the truck where I had left it.

And Thing Two: Don't wear the hearing aids in the rain with the hat with the plastic cover on it.

The rain beating on that plastic hat cover was so loud that it sounded like my head was in the microwave while someone was cooking popcorn.

I could not hear a freaking thing.

Finally thought to reach up and hit the button to mute the dang things and...

Holy snap! I can hear!

What a weird box of mixed mittens that was. Had to turn my hearing aids off in order to hear anything.

Who'da thunk it?

I do hope somebody is taking notes.
I probably won't remember the next time.


  1. I think that rain worked its way over to us. I won't say from which direction, each though I think I figured out at least the state you were broadcasting from a long time ago ;;D <----That's a double wink.

    1. Bryan- I heard that storm spawned tornadoes in New York. That doesn't surprise me at all. It was a big nasty angry looking critter.

      Oh great. Another online stalker.
      (grin, wink)

  2. Gotta love the cryptic commenting.

    Thing One, yup, happens all the time here...only I actually bring my brolly! :) (I hope you're better prepared next time)

    Thing Two...your box of mixed mittens needs sorting! Who'da thunk!

    1. Jenny- Guys... We gotta have our little secrets, you know.

      We can't carry umbrellas at work. Just have to lug around all that heavy rain gear.

      Maybe that's what I'll send you. My box of mittens!

  3. You know if you had brought your rain gear with you, it wouldn't have rained at all. That's how it works. I will keep the hearing aid advice in mind. I think I'll be needing them soon (actually now!) Freakin' insurance doesn't cover them, though, and they're so $$$!

    1. Lolamouse- The insurance companies should pay me to carry that stuff. Especially around here. I wonder if it wards off tornadoes, too?

      And this was one thing our insurance was actually good for. Yay!

  4. What the hell?! When did you start wearing hearing aids?