Thursday, September 6, 2012

Look What I Got!

Last week I get this email from my favorite Canadian blogger Jenny Pearson over at The Pearson Report and Pearson Designs.

She said:

Hi Rev,

I figure you needed a little "stalking" so to that end I have sent you something in the mail.
I'm choosing to let you know as it is not just a simple piece of mail.
I mailed it on Tuesday and it should take 4-6 days to get to you - so somewhere in the following week.

Anyway...the rest will remain a mystery until it arrives...don't you just love surprises!

Cheers, Jenny

Well of course I was mystified. And checking my mailbox every day waiting for it to arrive.

I had no idea what she could be sending me.

A wallet?

A moose?

A piece of original art?

Her oldest daughter? (grin)

And finally today it came.

Mmmmmm..... yummy.

Sixteen ounces of Canadian Smoked Salmon. Awesome. I haven't had Pacific salmon in a coon's age. I love it.

I have some awesome friends, eh? (wink)

So thank you, Jenny Lou!

I can have a little taste of British Columbia once again. It's going to be sweet.


  1. Gotta love the Internet, and Internet friends. My daughter has cancer, and guess who kicked in with big bucks (thousands) to help them out? Yep, Internet friends.

    1. Donna- Some of my internet friends are really awesome folk.

      And it sounds like a good number of yours are too!

  2. Man, no one ever sent me anything like this in the mail...then again, that might be a good thing, considering the material I write.

    HOw is the chain mail linking?

    1. Scotty- Hmmm... Maybe if someone had your mailing address, they might think about it. I'm sure I could find something atypical to send you.. (grin)

      And the chainmail is killing my hands. And going very slowly. I'll post some more pictures of my progress soon.

  3. Glad if finally got there. Today, I was thinking, hmm...did those guys in Customs read the content label and keep the BC Gold I sent you!

    Ah...the fun of stalking my cyber least this kind of stalking won't get me thrown in the clink! *grin*

    Enjoy! Jenny

    1. Jenny- I loved it and I will enjoy it. The gift was just as good as all the suspense! (wink)

  4. I didn't think you liked the stuff or I would have sent some from the very good smokehouse here in town. Maybe when a batch of mead is ready for consumption I'll send you a snack and sip pack.