Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Oh lord have biscuits, it was a busy day. Nothing really bad. It was just one stupid little nitpicky thing after another.

I barely got to sit down at my desk at all this evening. Every time I tried to sit the phone would ring and I'd have to scamper off to deal with something else.

Had to keep coming back and putting my dinner back through the microwave three times before I managed to eat it.

I needed to go up to central and check on some files. Gotta get caught up on my kids since I was away for almost a month. While I was up there someone calls and says they are locking up two from my house for fighting.

My house!

I was only gone thirty freaking minutes! What the snap?

Turns out Lt Wyatt was down there to talk to Miz Fawkes and these two idiots got in a scuffle over the phone right in front of him. he took care of the whole thing by the time I even managed to get back to the house.

Which didn't bother me a bit, really.

I won't go into all of the distractions. One or two of them were kind of disgusting.

But suffice to say that my old leg bones were squeaking in pain by the time I got home.

I'll be happy when the Tylenol kicks in and I can go to bed.


  1. Okay, I was ready to be witty and cleaver...but when I read Bryan's comment I cracked up, I mean really, I cracked up.

    As I read your post I thought well if a lord were to have biscuits then what would I (aka supreme ruler) have...and I was craving pancakes with maple syrup. It's a god thing...we gods like our pancakes and maple syrup.

    But...hey, the lords can crave biscuits...it's all good. (I do hope you can hear me chortling and wheezing and downright laughing). I know, my humour is a bit too Canadian! (blame it on the bacon)

    Hahaha, Jenny

    Anyway...I hope the Tylenol worked. (right about now you might need to top up) *grin*

  2. Wow, usally those guys don't fight with each other haha. Place has really gone to the crapper since I left haha. Man, can't wait to get home. Only nine more months haha