Sunday, September 23, 2012

Out Of Touch

Sometimes off in my little part of the camp I start to feel a bit isolated and out of touch.  10 house is off in it's own little corner and not many people just "drop by" for anything.  Partly because it's so far away from everywhere else and partly because most people just hate 10 house.

And when things are happening on the rest of the camp I can never go and help or do anything because it's so far away.

A real case of "You can't get there from here."

I guess in a way I miss working in the Hive because that was pretty much where the action was.  It either started there or if it didn't, it almost always ended there, one way or another.

My friend and partner in crime Sgt Miz P got the bid down in the Hive.  I was happy for her.  She wanted it and I really didn't.  I got so burned out on working down there I really didn't want to go back.  But at the same time I miss the action and the constant stupidity.

Not to mention the insane wealth of blog material.

That house got me started writing again.  Mostly to keep from screaming, but hey... whatever works, right?

They had some action down there this evening.  Some recurring knucklehead got stupid and ended up getting sprayed and slammed.  Hopefully none of our folks got hurt.

But when I heard that there was action down there my feet just itched to go down and help.  I could hear the excitement in Miz P's voice and I almost started running before I realized how far away I really was.

There's an opening for a Sergeant on A-side that I am considering bidding on.  A regular GP housing unit.  With Fridays and Saturdays off.  If nobody bids against me, I might get it if I try.  That would get me back in the middle of the camp again.

But on the other hand, there are perqs to being where I am.  Since I'm "just the relief Sergeant" nobody expects me to do too much.  I can take my time and hone my skills as a supervisor until I'm ready to move elsewhere.

And I don't think I'm ready to be nailed down into one place permanently just yet.

Not sure what I'm going to do. 

But I do miss out on being in the action.  I should probably be more careful what I wish for, huh?


  1. Being nailed down ain't much fun. Tied down, however,...Guess it depends on what kind of action it is that you want! ; )

    1. Lolamouse- Don't get me started on that. Trying to keep it at least rated PG here. (grin)

  2. Working the Hive is like being addicted to drugs. The highs are high; the lows are low. Most of the time you love it, sometimes you hate it. But, even when you hate it you secretly love it. Whenever it's gone, you always want it back. I'm ready to get out again, but I know I will never be quite as happy anywhere else.

    1. Sgt Drew- I think you nailed it exactly, pal. Just like a drug. Not necessarily a good buzz to go with it, but you get addicted anyway.

  3. Rev there's times I read your blog and I get so home sick I get all misty eyed......or maybe that's just reoccurring effects of massive OC contamination. I dunno. But honestly I do get home sick almost on a daily basis. Lol


    1. Ghost- I'm still having a love/hate relationship with the place. And it's not the same place as it was back then.