Monday, January 16, 2012

Strange Eerie Weather

I guess you can tell right away since I'm writing about the weather that nothing of importance happened in old Raccoon City this evening.

And that's true, for my part, anyway. Nothing happened to or around or because of me that caused me the slightest concern.

I was pretty happy about that considering I work in a large steel cage filled with almost two thousand convicted felons and assorted knuckleheads and wobbleheads of all stripes.

A day where nothing bad happened is an entry in the "win" column.

But this weather now...... That has me a little worried.

Here it is the 16th of January and when I left the house to go to work it was 59 degrees outside. Windy as ten bags of what the snap, and extremely humid. So humid that the sidewalks stayed wet all day long, like it had just rained moments ago and even the 30 mile an hour wind gusts weren't drying them out.

And rather than cooling off as the evening progressed, it got even warmer. When I left to go home it was 65 outside. At 10:30 at night! In the middle of freaking January!

I stood outside with Lt Baby Boy and we looked at the sky together and wondered if we were going to get a tornado. I have a feeling that it wouldn't have taken all that much to get one going tonight.

They say the temps are going to drop hard tomorrow night and looking at snow again on Friday.

Man, when the weather here in the midwest starts doing that serious yo-yo thing it's time to start looking for the nearest shelter. I don't like it one bit.

On the plus side, it was a nice warm and enjoyable evening. As long as you didn't look up at the clouds and wonder what was going on up there.....

So Tuesday is going to be Blessing of the Animals at the Cathedral Day, Cable Car Day, Kid Inventors Day (the guy that invented kids or what?), Hot Buttered Rum Day and Ditch New Years Resolutions Day.

If you haven't done them by now, give it up and celebrate it!


  1. Seems our weather is very similar. It's so humid outside I forgot this is Austin and thought I was back in Jacksonville when I woke up this morning.

    They say when it kicks into gear this year, it will be a hard winter.

    1. Chanel- It was nice, if scary, for a day. Then all heck broke loose.

  2. I'm hearing you on the weather front - we just had the weirdest week - first the moon was so huge (about four days ago) that I thought it was going to crash into Earth - eerie.
    Then, it goes from being balmy and spring-like to sub-zero winter overnight - bazaar!
    Right now, I'm typing with mitts on - no kidding! (old house and all) and gin isn't really a finger warming beverage! (must switch to rum toddies)

    So...Rev, how you liking this new commenting huh?

    I hope Mrs. Weather settles down and doesn't do anything seasonally inappropriate, like lifting her skirt and showing off her new tornado panties!!!

    Cheers, Jenny @ PEARSON REPORT

    1. Jenny- We just got slammed like that. Last night it was 65 on the way home. Tonight it was 25. Brr!

      This does make it easier to reply to the comments! I like it!

  3. I'm not sure what's in a bag of What-the-Snap, but I'm assuming it's something that provokes a strong reaction...and probably gives off a foul odor.

    The only problem with the new "commenting thingy" is that the captcha words don't show up until after you go to publish, which drops a big ole' bag of What-the-Snap onto our little game. (But then I could always use the option to go back and edit.)

    For instance, I saw the captcha word was "menea", so I came back and...yeah, I got nothing.

    Later ;)

    1. Bryan- Just one bag of what the snap is enough to turn most people away. But ten of them..... Look out, Ethel! (grin)

      I wouldn't have anything for that word, either.

  4. Those awards are freaking sweet!!!