Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just In Limbo

Still in limbo about where I'm going and what I'll be doing. Sgt Drew and one of the other new sergeants want to go to midnights and that should fill them back up again.

And right now there just aren't any openings on evening shift for the Watcher and I to fill, unfortunately. I keep hoping that at least two of ours go to day shift and leave openings for us.

The last rumor I heard was from Capt Wheelie who had heard that the decision was going to be made tomorrow and we would start our new shifts on Sunday. And that would mean of course that we won't be staying on evening shift. Pfui.

One of the things that really sucks about getting promoted is that we are now all the way down at the bottom of the seniority list. The Watcher and I especially were just getting to the point where we'd been here long enough and proved ourselves and could probably get anything that we wanted to bid on.

Three weeks ago when we were COI's.

Now we have to start the whole process over again, getting the spots that nobody wants and the ratty days off until we can get into a good spot again and hang onto it.

I'm not ready to get stuck in a house again five days a week. I'll take it if I have to because the Major put me there, but I'd prefer one of the utility spots where I can move around some days and work different places.

And the inmates really don't want me stuck in one house all of the time getting into their business. When I get bored I tend to get into things to make the time go by. The type of things that amuse and entertain me and make my nights go faster but that really annoy the inmates.

**sigh** Maybe we'll hear something tomorrow....

Wednesday is going to be Trivia Day and Humiliation Day as well as Perihelion Day, Dimpled Chad Day, Pop Music Chart Day, Tom Thumb Day, World Braille Day, World Hypnotism Day and National Spaghetti Day.

You are getting sleepy...... sleepy.....


  1. Hang in there, before you know it things will be sorted and your routine will be old hat! (or new hat, but fitting a wee bit better) (grin)

    How many new sergeants are there anyway? Sounds like quite a few.

    Cheers, Jenny


  2. Would hate to see you go to any shift but ours but at least we could spread the wealth of good officers to the other shifts haha. And thank you for the awesome gift!! It is freaking awesome Nd is already on display in my living room haha. I felt bad because I didn't get you anything though...

  3. Hmmm, I am getting sleepy, now that you mentioned it.

    (The captcha is "untembo" Well, you know when you live in a crappy apartment in the ghetto? Yeah, well that's the meaningless word that the crazy guy living above you screams at the top of his lungs at three in the morning.)

  4. I don't see how they manage to function with all of this uncertainty. It takes way too long to make decisions and schedules there! And look at what it does to you! Stuck in limbo and hating it.

  5. Jenny- I am one of five new sergeants and that hat is still kicking my butt, even as we speak. All of this waiting is making me tired.

    TJ- I'm glad you liked it and I'm doubly glad I could annoy your wife. (grin) I knew it belonged with you as soon as I saw it.

    Bryan- I am pretty awesome with the hypnotism, aint I? Or is it my writing putting you to sleep again?

    Chanel- We are overburdened with rules and regulations. I am often surprised when we manage to get anything done at all..

  6. I do the same kind of "utility " job here at the Happy Homestead. It's a good change of pace and I can pretty much within reason have any day off I want. That's how I got 5 days off in a row to go camping over New Years. So I feel the love for the utility job. f