Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Good Thing I Brought Burritos

It was a hard snow. A sudden and vicious snow. It wasn't deep or thick. It just rolled in with a sudden cold fury like a mad dog to a week old steak bone. It made the early morning roads a mess and a sudden ice rink that seemed to catch everyone by surprise.

I was scheduled to be in the Control Center. And my crew had already threatened to call out and leave me with a bunch of utilities unless I brought them food.

They were kidding. I think. But just to be on the safe side I stopped in to Taco Bell and bought a bag of big cheesy potato burritos. Goosey got me hooked on those things. They are filling and tasty.

It was a good thing I brought them. We needed the extra energy.

It seemed like almost everything that could go wrong did go wrong tonight. And if I hadn't had Vinnie and Stubby up there running the show all would have been lost. Once again they proved themselves to be the Pros from Dover when it comes to the Control Center.

Me, I just stayed out of the way and tried to divert some of the Captains ire and general fed-upness away from my crew. Captain CJ wasn't having any better of a night than we were and all of that steam had to blow somewhere.

What went wrong? Everything. Keys lost. Transfers delayed by the weather. A bad count. More keys lost. Bad weather. Even more keys lost.

The bit with the keys was really starting to get on my nerves. We found most of them but it was a major hassle.

Our transfers were supposed to get here between three and four in the afternoon. They ended up not showing until after 10:00pm count cleared. And we ended up being six short from what we thought we were going to get.

One got left in a prison halfway across the state because the bus was too full. Five more got left at the camp up the road because they weren't sure where they put them.

Captain CJ was hot. And all that jiggery-boo with the numbers force my guys to do some creative accounting with the paperwork to make sure it all came out right in the computer. What they did with the numbers wasn't exactly by the book but it straightened things out until the weather cleared and we could get caught up again.

And Vinnie was only half right. Sometimes putting the guy with underpants on his head in charge of the numbers is the best thing to do.

I'll just let you mull that picture around in your head on your own.

So Friday is going to be Make Your Dream Come True Day and Blame Someone Else Day as well as Friday The 13th (oh freaking joy), Public Radio Broadcasting Day, Rubber Ducky Day and Curried Chicken Day.

How I wish I could have blamed someone else......


  1. Thanks Rev for giving me your underpants!
    They fit just right and support me in all the right places.

    I still feel like your toes should be sore from all my stepping on them. Haha!

    Veri word: cuidessu: Redneck: Some day Billy Bob, I'll be as cuidessu!

  2. I didn't realize it was Friday the 13th until I was at the bank this morning. Not that I believe in that sort of thing (fingers crossed; knock on wood.)

    The captcha word is "comater" as in "The one fella comater from the front, and then the other fella comater from behi..." Whoops, I think I got Jeff Foxworthy's Redneck Dictionary by mistake.

  3. Hey, I see Vinnie picked up the same dictionary!

  4. LOL! Glad you got some use out of the under cap!

  5. Hey, interesting blog! Thanks for stopping by and following!

  6. Vinnie- I'm so glad they fit you so... disturbingly well. And you guys saved my bacon. My toes are your toes.

    Bryan- You and Vinnie swapping books? (grin)

    Critter- It fit him so well. I'll have to remember to give him those things on the way out rather than on the way in!

    Julie D- And thanks to you too! (grin)