Thursday, January 5, 2012

Job Offers

Most of what I have heard since I got promoted is "You're going to midnight shift down in the Hive, sucker! Hee hee hee!"

I kind of expected that was going to happen.

But now since Sgt Drew says he wants that spot, different things are opening up. More Sergeants are wanting to move around than I first expected and hopefully something at least halfway decent will come up on our shift.

I talked it over with the Watcher this evening and he gave me some sage advice. "The longer we are in limbo, the longer we get to stay on third shift where we want to be." That is so true. He's so smart it scares me sometimes. I may have to adopt him.

Went across camp to read a violation because Uncle Buck was busy flirting with the Captain or something. Big Mac cornered me up and said that he was bidding in down in 30 house and Sgt Moon was bidding out. The Kid got himself pulled out of there again (hopefully forever) and he wanted me to come down there and help clean the place up. Big Mac said he wanted me down there at his back.

Granted, that house needs some serious cleaning up. And Big Mac has a lot of back to cover. It would be a serious challenge. I'll have to give it some serious thought. But I felt a little proud that he wanted me down there.

When he said "I need a Daddy down there to protect me." I had to laugh. Like he needs protection. What he needs is someone to keep the Captains and the FUM off his back while he gets the place running the way we want it to.

I could run interference, anyway.

As long as the Kid is gone and I don't inherit that train wreck I will give it some serious consideration.

If the spot actually comes open.

We'll see.

So Friday is going to be Bean Day, Three Kings Day, Twelfth Night (on the 6th???), National Smith Day and the birthdays of both PePe LePew and Sherlock Holmes.

Egad, mon ami!


  1. I usually understand what's going on in those crazy pictures you find, but this one's got me stumped. What are they praying to?

    And yeah, there's nothing wrong with working the midnight shift. I've been doing it for over a dozen years, and other than wrecking my diet and my health, and leaving me a withered, empty husk of a human being it hasn't hurt me one bit ;D

    (The captcha word is "swalsica" That's what you say when a Nazi cuts your tongue off. Ouch!)

  2. Bryan- It's a resistor, you silly rabbit.