Friday, January 20, 2012

Not Our Finest Moment In Communication

For what could have been a long tedious night, it wasn't too bad. I went out on the yard and got Uncle Scary and Gray Ham and Kermit.

Even if I didn't get to talk a whole lot, at least two of my crew could be counted on to know their jobs and take care of business with minimal sergeanting on my part.

As a matter of fact the high point of my day was when someone came up to me in the chow hall and congratulated me on successfully using "sergeant" as a verb. That made me grin and made my day.

The only problem that came up was solved before I got there. The company that takes out our trash dumpsters has a supply of the locks we use to keep them secure. They brought us an empty dumpster today and when the guys went to take out the trash after dinner they found that it had the wrong lock on it and we couldn't get in.

That was a new one on me.

But Goosey has been around long enough and he thinks pretty good on his feet (at work anyway) and had already made arrangements to have main production come down and get the cans in his truck and dump them up there.

My job consisted of telling the Lt's what happened and what we were doing about it. It involved absolutely no decision making on my part whatsoever.

Even as a COI I liked it when somebody could make a decision. It just makes life easier on everybody.

And another problem solved. Man, I'm good! (grin)

At any rate, things went on calmly until the 10:00 count. I was up in central getting some advice from Uncle Buck and waiting for count to clear when Lt Farmer came in and said "We got two guys fighting in 10 house. They got one and can't find the other one. Take two yard guys and go help!"

I dashed off in the cart and grabbed Gray Ham and Kermit, leaving Uncle Scary on the yard. Cruised down to 10 house and in the back door. Twister was just walking out of the office carrying an empty coffee pot. I said "Where's the fighters?"

He looked at me and said "What the snap are you talking about? What fighters?"

"Isn't there a fight going on in here?"

"Not that I know of!"

Aw, snap. I remember hearing Sgt Moon on the radio so we dashed over to 30 house, thinking maybe it was a miscommunication. I asked the kid in the bubble "Where's Sgt Moon?"

He said "Over in 10 house with those fighters, I guess. He's not here!"

What the..... back to 10 house we went. This time we ran upstairs.

Looked down in E-wing. Nothing going on down there.

Ran over to F-wing and finally found Sgt Moon. He had both of them in cuffs, sitting in separate chairs. Apparently right about the time we got up there someone decided to call downstairs and let the rest of the house know what was going on.

If something had gone bad nobody would have known where to go. Sheesh! At least we now had plenty of backup. Hot on our heels were Lt Farmer, Lt Sienna and Lt Poolio. And I had Gray Ham and Kermit with me. Those two guys had nowhere to go.

Except to the Hive. And that's where they went.

By the time we got done running all over the place looking for them anything could have happened.

But nothing did and we were lucky. I sure felt a bit foolish running all over the place looking for them, though.

I'll have to work on ways to get more information the next time, if possible.

It's a learning process....

Nobody got hurt and we all got to go home at the end of the night. That's all that really matters.

So Friday is going to be National Butter Crunch Day (Mmm... Butter Crunch...), Camcorder Day, Inauguration Day, National Disk Jockey Day, International Fetish Day (not going there), Cheese Day and Learn To Ski Day.

I'll bet there's a bunch of people up in the Pacific Northwest learning to ski right now!


  1. I have a fetish for filming people on camcorders while skiing and eating butter crunch and covered in cheese. Is that weird?

    1. Lolamouse- Naw. I have those feelings all the time. No worries.

  2. COI? When I used to work security we called the officer in charge the O.I.C. (I think that was because when they told you something, you nodded like you were listening and said, "Ohhhh, I see.")

    Yeah, I think I've met my bad joke quota for they day.

    The captcha word is "Eurins" In many European countries you can actually piss on people in lieu of currency.

    "How much for that souvenir beret?"

    "30 Eurins"

    "Okie doke" *zipppppp*

    (Okay, now I've exceeded my quota.)

    1. Bryan- I think you're done for the week, pal.