Friday, November 5, 2010

Off With His Head!

Guilty? Of course he's guilty! It's written all over his face! He did it and all of the evidence points to the fact that he did it!

That man wouldn't have said it if it weren't true!

Off with his head! Lock him up! Throw him in the hole!

Oh wait.... he's one of us?

That's even worse! Of course he's guilty! If he wasn't guilty of something, he wouldn't be working here in the first place!

And this poor innocent inmate who got his feelings so horribly trodden on wouldn't make a false statement against a staff member, would he?

No, of course not.

And it's not like they lie about us every freaking day because they don't like us. No, that never happens.

Hey, it's okay to treat one of our own just like an inmate. It's okay. We're used to it.

And they wonder why you couldn't slide a piece of paper under the bottom of our morale right now. Jeez, why is everybody always in such a bad mood?


Note to everybody else: If you don't understand this, just go on. I'm in a mood.

Oooohh... and tomorrow is Gunpowder Day. That's ominous and scary.


  1. Well, someone's gotta be guilty, right? But sadly, it's always easier for work places to assign the guilty tag, in an effort to cover their asses in most cases.

  2. This is bull.. And the bull is on the powers that be. An inmate complains that a C.O. yelled at him. The yard sgt to him to file an I.R.R. if he wants to since he has that right. A Lt. that was there runs to the Capt. and tells him an officer made an inmate unhappy..Hello Major officer good guy made a inmate unhappy, yes sir starting now he's reassigned and rest assured that inmate will get his cookies and milk before he goes to bed. People wonder why we tire so easy. GO FIGURE..

  3. Just Plain Tired- The only difference between us and them is they get treated better but we get to go home at night.

    4 Star- They should have said "Oh, he hurt your widdle feelings? Well, suck it up, whine bag! Grow a pair and act like an adult!" But noooo...

  4. You don't EVEN want to get me started.....