Friday, November 26, 2010


Oh yeah. I got hosed. Big time. And by somebody I had just done something nice for.

You can't trust anybody around this place, lemme tell you. If there had been a petard handy, I would have been hoist right up by it. Luckily for me, there's a severe lack of petards in this area.

Since it was Thanksgiving, the wife made up a couple batches of cookies and sent in two little buckets full of them in with me. One of them was for me and the crew and whoever happened to wander by and the other went up to the Lieutenants office.

She remembers working with them and still likes most of them. And heck, it never hurts to suck up just a little now and then, right?

So after a cold wet icy rainy night (I'll get back to that later) I end up doing count and relief in 6 house. While I'm counting Sgt Major taps on the window and shows me a note to call the Lt's office. I rolled my eyes. Figured I was going to get stuck working a double or something.

I call up there and Lt Gerber says "Hey, your cookie bucket is up here by the computer. Don't forget to pick it up. They were good, by the way, thanks!"

I told him no problem and said as how I was glad to have a place to take stuff like that when the wife gets in the baking mood. I said "If I ate all of the stuff she baked all of the time, I could be a captain!"

It's a long running inside joke. But many of our captains are a bit larger than life sized.

A few moments after I hang up the phone rings again. This time it's Captain DoubleM and she does not sound happy. "What this about eating all of those cookies and getting big as a captain?"

I stood there with my mouth flapping uselessly for a few seconds and she can't take it anymore and starts laughing. She tells me Gerber fronted me out and told her what I said so she couldn't resist making me squirm.

Sucker rolled on me. No more cookies for him! The rotten dog.

We got a little bit of ice and a few snow flurries today. Not enough to stick or get bad, but the wind had a definite bite to it.

When I went to do my Del Norte check, the sallyport gate had frozen shut and wouldn't open. So I had to go around and come in from the other side and take the torch with me. A good thing I took it because all of the gates were frozen shut and I had to heat them all up to get the keys to work. One gate I had to torch open twice because it had refrozen shut by the time I got back to it. What a pain.

And of course the doors on my truck had frozen shut as well when it was time to leave. Thought I was going to wrench my arms out of their sockets trying to get inside.

Tomorrow is Shopping Reminder Day.

No, I think I'll just have to pass on that one, thank you. No black friday shopping for me.


  1. Eggs,bacon,snowflakes,pumpkin,chocolate.. A lot of fine baking, as I know from all the years. A big THANKS to Mrs. Rev and you. Oh yeah a thanks to my insulin also.

  2. The mental image of you trying to get your frozen truck door open is pretty funny I must say.

  3. 4star- Yup. Like I said, it's a good thing I have some place to get rid of some of that stuff or I would have to promote!

    Misty- I said words I don't use here. Alot of them.