Friday, July 23, 2010

At Least I Got To Ride

Thursdays, of course, are my day to be out on B-yard. Historically, it has rained every day I have been on the yard.

Today it didn't. I'm just pretty happy about that.

I was a bit worried, as the weather forecast said it was going to be really really hot, with heat indexes well over 100.

And I knew that they had taken away the guard shack (and the fridge and the microwave and the a/c) in order to put up a new one. We were hoping the new shack would be in place today, but no such luck.

So we had no good place to go and cool off and we had to leave our lunch boxes up at central. It sucked having to go up there every time I needed something to drink.

I had brought four bottles of water and a big powerade. I drank all of that, and another bottle of water out of the machine and a refilled bottle of prison water, which tastes nasty.

And sweated it all right back out again. I was hoping I would get one more days use out of that uniform, since tomorrow is my Friday. But no such luck, there! I didn't even want to be in the same room with my uniform by the time I came home. Pfew!

But at least we had two working golf carts, so I got to ride around instead of walking while the yards were open. That was a plus. And a rarity. I just drove from shady spot to shady spot, keeping an eye on the knuckleheads.

Tomorrow I get to work the yard again. This is costing me a fortune in liquids!

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