Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I've Been Replaced!

The new orders came out today. I was hoping that Chucky would get my old spot. AT least BG would know who to thump when things went bad.

But some guy off midnight shift got the spot. I've only met a few midnights people since I left the 2-10 spot and I don't know this guy. I hope he's good. And I hope he's ready to work his butt off. BG don't willingly allow much slacking. Sgt Mix P says he will do okay. If she vouches for him, then he must be all right.

But then she vouched for me too. Maybe she'll be right this time. (grin)

I do worry, tho. Even though I don't work the Hive anymore I miss my crew and worry about people getting hurt and things not getting done. I'm obviously a bit neurotic.

I'm sure you have noticed that.

Speaking of Sgt Miz P, I was talking to her on the way out tonight. She said "Revvy, the Hive aint no fun anymore. I don't like it down there."

I suspect she has just gotten used to dealing with the wobbleheads down in her house. But it's mostly true. The place isn't anywhere near as exciting as it used to be. And nowhere near as fun. One of the many reasons why I left.

And I have three words about working utility in a regular house:




And that's all I have to say about that.

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