Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So tonight I was scheduled to be in the 4 house control room. I came in early hoping that I would have gotten moved elsewhere.

No such luck.

Lt Gerber was on the books and when I came in he said "You're in the 4 house bubble. Good luck." And he smirked at me as I sauntered out the door.

I have never worked the bubble in a regular house before and I was a bit disputatious. There is a lot more opening doors in a regular house than there is in the Hive.

I spent most of my night in front of the control panel flipping from screen to screen and popping doors as fast as I could.

I only screwed up a few times, I think. And it was no biggie.

If you pop the wrong door in a GP house, they just wander out and close it again.


At times I had Sgt Duck and Miss B and some fairly new guy whose name I forget at the moment standing at the windows calling out cell numbers while I sat at the panel poking at it with my finger like some spastic woodpecker in need of viagra.

When there were no doors to be opened, I paced.

That drove Miss B crazy. She'd say "Quit pacing! Relax!"

And I'd scream "I CAN'T!!!"

Still not used to being idle. It'll pass.

I'm sure I'm probably adding years to my life by getting out of that place.

But the transition is killing me.

Tomorrow I am up in the Comm Room, handing out keys and radios. I'm sure that's going to be a mess. Haven't been up there in years.

And all by myself. Alone for eight hours for the most part.

If, by chance you happen by the Comm Room and hear strange muttering and perhaps some inarticulate screams, pay them no attention.

It's just me.


  1. I'll take my radio with no mike, no swivel, and preferably a dead battery, thank you very much. I squawking radio keeps me awake.

  2. BA- I had one waiting for you. But lots of people on your shift want them like that so I ran out.