Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fighting The Good Fight

Against boredom, mostly.

It seems that when we are doing our jobs properly and paying attention, then our biggest enemy is boredom.

I liken it to being the night watchman in a nuclear power plant. As long as we are vigilant to problems and monitor all of the gauges, then nothing should happen.

We can just clock out at the end of the night, tell the next shift "business as usual" and walk out the door.

But lawsy lawsy it makes for some long nights.

Luckily I spent the evening locked up in a house with TJ, Sgt McGiggles and Mr Toad. Quite the combination. Most of our evening was spent talking about movies and teevee shows and telling bad jokes. Really bad jokes.

Really really bad jokes.

Some of them should be criminal. I'm just saying.

And the worst part of the evening was after count cleared and TJ and Sarge went home and left me alone with Mr Toad.

The man is not a stunning conversationalist, to say the least.

It was less of a trial than being locked in a room with that annoying wobblehead last week.

But not by much.

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