Friday, July 16, 2010

I'm In Charge Of What???

So there I was... out on the yard with Sgt Little J and COI Goosey. Half a bazillion inmates out running around the yard unfettered. Several of which have threatened to kill me at one time or another down in the Hive.

Then something goes down in 7 house and Sarge and Goosey take off to handle it. Leaving me alone on the yard.

A few minutes later Lt Gerber comes trotting by and he says "I guess you have the yard. Handle it!"

You have got to be snitting me!

Turned out it was okay. It was only for an hour or so and I didn't screw anything up. Actually when it's just open yard you have to work pretty hard to screw anything up.

That's a good thing.

I just drove around and around on the little golf cart, making laps around the yard. It takes about six minutes to make a slow lap around the yard. So I made about 40 laps tonight.

That got old pretty quick.

At least it didn't rain the whole evening.

And I did do the Del Norte walk again. It looks like that's going to be an every Thursday thing for me. Looks like I better get back on the treadmill and work on my legs some more, eh?

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