Saturday, July 17, 2010

Leave It To The Wobbleheads!

They just never seem to cease to amaze me. Them wacky wobbleheads.

I'd only been down to their house once for a brief visit since I have been on utility, so I haven't had much contact with the overly medicated lately.

But news does still filter down.

This afternoon while I was waiting to go to 7 house and work with Porgey and the Mad Bomber, Uncle Scary came up and said "Do you remember (insert name here)?"

Of course I did. He was a frequent flier. Poor kid has some serious issues. Probably the least of which is this morbid fascination with his excretory system. In laymans terms, he plays with his butt until he makes himself bleed. Icky, I know. He ends up on suicide watch alot.

Anyway, Uncle scary went on to say: "They put him back on suicide watch again. (Imagine that!) He had an appointment with mental health and he never showed up. They started looking for him and they couldn't find him anywhere. About the time they were thinking about locking the whole place down to track him down, somebody found him. He was actually in his cell. All the way underneath his bunk where you had to crouch down on the floor to see him. They found him stark bare butt naked underneath his bunk eating Fritos. When they asked him why he said "It's cooler under here." "

Apparently there was a bit of a struggle getting him to come out and put some clothes on and he ended up down in the Hive on suicide watch again.

And strangely enough, there was a Code 16 down in the Hive tonight. An offender was bleeding.

Three guesses who it was.


  1. Guess where he was bleeding from! I was very tempted to say where when I made that call. It wasn't as messy as we expected.

  2. I got to see "IT" first hand, about the size of a softball.I asked why we can send a guy out for eye surgery to correct his vision, but not send a guy out to potetionally save his life, I was told "Medical doesnt want to spend the money, they only have a 50 million dollar contract". NIce huh ??