Friday, November 21, 2008

SHIFT WARS...... The Saga Begins.......Again...

Well, here we go. Time once again for the Poly-Annual Shift Wars! It's the usual three-ring circus between first, second and third shifts! Witness the mayhem! Listen to the vicious rumors! Watch the paper fly as each shift tries to undo the others!

What a bunch of crap.

I swear to gods that if I wasn't pretty sure I was working in an Adult institution, I'd think I was back in high school again. We can't work together for any length of time without someone coming along and piddling in the soup.

I've said it time and time again here, and at work: If we don't work together, the inmates win. Plain and simple. And if you're just going to let them win, then we might as well just go home. Because what happens if they win? We get hurt. And if someone gets hurt because you were playing stupida**ed games, then it's your fault. And I hope you can live with that. I couldn't.

I can always tell the shift wars are starting up again when I start hearing the phrase: "It's (whatever) shifts mess. Let them deal with it." Then I know it's time to duck and cover for awhile. That means somebody one one shift has pissed off somebody on another shift and it's going to roll downhill. But you know what? We work in a rotating shift schedule which means that when the snit rolls far enough downhill, it's going to come right back around to you again.

Stupid stupid people.

I think the stupid is oozing out of the cells and getting on staff again. Bing! Wet cleanup on aisle three!

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