Monday, November 24, 2008

Am I getting too old for this?

Got into another ruckus today. Managed to hurt myself again. Not bad...... just lost a little skin in a stupid accident. I was going to explain the whole scenario, but it's too idiotic. Bottom line: Knucklehead got stupid. He was already in cuffs and I went to use my personal cuffs to secure him to the restraint bench and he bucked up. Myself and another officer put him on the ground and when we went down my cuffs closed on two of my fingers and took some skin off. Little piece about as big around as a pencil eraser. Ended up having to spray him to stop him fighting. Man, I'm glad I didn't get pepper spray in any of those cuts. That would have stung like fire.

Lesson learned: Drop the cuffs. Can always pick them up later.

Also banged my knees up pretty good. Not sure if it was when we went to the ground or when some other officer planted themselves on my legs and drove my kneecaps into the concrete. Most likely a combination of the two. I'm not going to say who that was, but just that they better lose a few pounds off that butt before they fall on my legs again or we're going to have some serious words.

I almost always get hurt doing this. Am I getting too old for this? It's never anything bad. Banged up knees and fingers, mostly. My poor knees and fingers seem to get the working over every time there's a donnybrook. Am I just a wuss? Am I the only one who actually reports getting hurt? It seems like every time something goes down, there I am carrying around an accident report. Other people get hurt now and then but it seems like it's always something big. They end up in the hospital or on (shudder) "light duty" for weeks on end. Nassy. Don't want any part of that. I don't know. If I get hurt, I'm reporting it. If I get too hurt to work, I want there to be proper paperwork so I'm not without a paycheck. I'm the only one in my house bringing home the bacon right now and I'm not going to live without bacon. Heck with that.

So what's the deal?

Am I too agressive and unmindful of my body placement in a crisis situation?

Or am I just freakin' clumsy?
That's most likely it.
That picture is my finger. The orange stuff is betadyne our awesome house nurse put on there. He's a combat medic and a super dude. Suprised he didn't pin a purple heart on me. (grin)
But you can see it's no big deal. Stings like the dickens, tho.


  1. when i worked out in the field (carpenter) i was always smashing something. i don't think i'm too old for it now even though i spend most of my time in a chair or the drivers seat. sometimes i miss a cold rainy day in my rain gear throwing my framing hammer.

  2. At what age to CO's normally retire? Somehow I can't see someone in their 60s doing that sort of work. I'm in my 50s and I couldn't do it.

  3. I don't really mind the getting hurt part so much. I've done carpentry and other "hands-on" type jobs and I'm used to it. It just seems to happen every time.

    Guy, most CO's don't retire. Most of them quit long before that. But there are CO's in my camp that are well into their 60's and even 70's. Some of them have even retired and come back for more. I don't imagine I'll be doing it that long.

  4. You are a "(Insert last name here)"!!

    Remember what mom taught us since day one. "You're a ********, You WILL get caught, You WILL get hurt and you WILL get blamed."

    It's genetic.

    I hardly have your kind of job, but I'm always getting hurt in my leisure time. I'm the one who gets inspected by my receptionist every Monday for bandaids, obvious bruising or limping.

    Dude, you could work in an ice cream store and you'd suffer some nasty scoop injury. You're doomed by your family background.

    Look what happened to Donnie and David when they added rug use to our predestined going to get injured frequently family trait.

  5. Critter, you're sure right. Good thing I don't work in a goose down factory. I could just see trying to explain the nasty feather cuts. I could get pummeled half to death by marshmallows or choke to death inhaling a snowflake. Hell, I almost lost an eye to a ritz cracker once. I'm in the wrong line of work. I should take that dream job in the library stacks. At least when i get crushed by the books, I'll be among the things I love.

  6. I can't even cook without almost needing a blood transfusion anymore. My clumsiness comes and goes. I get hurt doing EVERYTHING for a while, then no injuries for months.

  7. I should hang one of those (blank) days without a workplace accident! signs around my neck. It would be blank most of the time. It's really cutting down on my guitar playing, tho. The bandaids keep sticking to the strings.