Saturday, November 15, 2008


By the bye, I'm now registering hits on my blog in ten different US states and five countries outside the US! I know it's not really all that much to brag about, but I'm excited.


  1. nice site darev.......don't know why I've never visited before....

  2. On behalf of the Oregon (STATE) contingent, Congrats!

    Oregon State def Cal 34-21 yesterday. Rose Bowl here we come.

  3. Thanks Loopymama! Mostly it's just a place for me to blow off steam. I never really expected to gain a following. Some of the stuff in my head just needs to come out now and then.

    And thank you, Sir G. It's kind of strange that I have more readers in oregon than I do here in Midwest hell. But then again, more people there can read....