Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got The Grax

One of the problems with working in a closed environment like a prison is diseases and the ease with which they spread. My coworkers and i spend alot of time either in small enclosed areas where we are constantly breathing each others' air or out in front of the cell doors where whatever funk is in there is blowing out into our faces. We are pretty lucky that the few really nasty airborne diseases there are we get innoculations for. But the main one is the common freakin' cold and I've got it again. I feel like something that's been eaten by a dog and roughly hammered out the other end.

At least it's my friday, huh?

Colds and the flu spread like wildfire in a prison and especially in an AdSeg unit. You wouldn't think it would, since they have minimal outside contact. But they take any contact they can get and run with it, despite any sensible warnings. Half my crew has been down with it lately. I guess I'm just the latest victim.

OK, I'm having a hard time making my brain form sentences. And focusing is getting to be a real chore. Think I'll take some nyquil and go to bed. Thank the gods we have plenty of kleenex.


  1. I'm sitting waaaaay back away from my monitor. I don't want your germs!

  2. my kids like to bring me that stuff. yuck!

  3. hope you feel better soon, darev.....get lots of rest, plenty of fluids, chicken soup,

  4. It was worse when I was working in the prison and had kids in daycare at home. It felt like there was this constant cloud of plague following me wherever I went. About the only things I haven't contracted are polio, typhoid and ebola. AT least my immunse system gets a regular workout!