Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blowing off steam

I had a lovely post all written. All the things that had been bugging me lately. When I went back to edit, I realized thast it was just a rehash of things i've touched on again and again. The whacker is still whacking. The poop smearer is still poop smearing. And the check-in is still checked in. The administation is still indifferent to how difficult our job can be. And we're still not getting paid enough.

Same old. Same old.

So I decided to dump that one and go on.

STATUS REPORT: We all made it through the day and nobody got hurt.

What else is there to say?

I'll try to be more upbeat on the next post. Just a little down today. Sorry.


  1. Well. You could always tell us about your life AWAY from work.

  2. In this economy I'm sure you'll be hosting new guests that will make your work interesting. Are you in a death penalty state?

  3. i hate the death penalty.

    and i agree with donna, i like to read about peoples lives both on and off the court.

    and what's with the whacker?

  4. Donna: First, welcome to the blog. Just ignore the attitude and duck under the pepper spray and you should be okay. (grin) Second, I try to make this just about my life at work, but I'll digress away from it now and then.

    Guy: I'm sure I've made a good career choice, longetivity-wise. We'll never run out of stupid people and they always end up here. ANd yes, we are a death penalty state. We don't do it at our camp, tho.

    G: I was on the fence about it until I actually met some of these people and learned more about them. I suspect that there are a few innocent people in prison and there may even be some on death row, but for the most part, they are all guilty of their crimes. I have met a good number of them face to face and I know what they have done to their victims and there are many days when I would like to do them in myself. Just so they won't hurt anybody else.
    As for the whacker, whatever drugs they are giving him seem like they work better than viagra. ANd you should see the little happy dance he does when he's done. Not to be missed.