Friday, November 28, 2008

Bubble time again

Our bubble guy (the control room officer) is off on his annual vacation. The scurvy dog. And since I opened my pie hole and told the lieutenant just to go ahead and put me up there when it was vacant, the sumbitch took me at my word. Now I'm scheduled to be up there every day for the next two weeks. Snap!

And I just got word today that we have our annual recertification training the second week in december. Joy. Get to sit in too warm classrooms for four days then I get to go out on the range in the sleet and snow and freeze my butt off for a day. ANd it's not even worth getting to shoot the guns. Those new glock pistols are like loaded tinkertoys and you can't get them out of those stupid retention holsters half the time and most of our shotguns jam or break after the second or third person uses them. I think I've broken at least two shotguns. Well, they broke.. I didn't actually do it.

Always remember: The thing you depend on the most will have been made by the lowest bidder. Our weapons, our radios, our gear, our vehicles.... especially our uniforms. Hell, those are made by inmates. I'd almost forgotten our creed in the Army:

We, the unwilling,
Led by the unknowing.....
Doing the impossible
For the ungrateful.
I've done so much with so little
For so long....
I'm now qualified to do anything
With nothing!


  1. ColumbiacontrolfreakNovember 29, 2008 at 12:20 PM

    LOL!!!! You haven't been paying attention if you think MY BROTHER can't manage to hurt himself in a bubble. The more bored he gets the more likely he will try to find a way to entertain himself and then......

  2. I'm sure glad I have the full support of my family.......

  3. We come from a long line of short-lived people. I'm kind of glad I chose not to procreate.