Monday, June 13, 2011

Warning! This Blog May Be Illegal!

Well, I can add another state to my list of places I can never visit again. Pretty soon they'll be putting me on a boat out to sea because I'll have run out of dry land to stay on.

The state of Tennessee has just enacted a law that makes it a crime to send, transmit, post or publish on the internet or over a cell phone any image that may "intimidate, frighten or cause emotional distress" to any recipient.

Hoo boy, that's just wide open, isn't it?

I wonder if there's any images on the state of Tennessee's home page that would cause anybody emotional distress?

As a matter of fact, the act of the state announcing this new law frightens, intimidates and causes me emotional distress.

Do you think I have a case?

What is today? National Juggling Day and Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day. Oh yeah. Think I'll go cook something.

I wonder how many eggs we have?


  1. Makes perfect sense, if the state legislators are connected with law firms. Could add 20% to business. Already you are seeing yourself as their client.

    Yes, I think that whenever there are several ‘days’ on the same day, you should take on the challenge of combining the celebrations into one, like juggling eggs.

    Or have you been doing this all along? I haven’t been paying enough attention.

  2. Vincent- I'm not sure how it runs over there, but here the legislators are the law firms. They are one and it's scary.

    I would celebrate both of these days in tandem but my wife would ummm... "show me the red card." She disapproves of a mess in her kitchen.

  3. Who wants to visit TN anyway? Was that illegal? Juggling eggs? Now that sounds like fun!

  4. "Emotional distress?" That leaves it pretty wide open, doesn't it? I wouldn't even be able to send out pictures of myself.

  5. I suspect that this has something to do with the whole "sexting" thing which is big news thanks to that Weiner...guy. First off, though, it's kind of blatant free speech violation, which is the one remaining freedom that anyone actually cares about in our so-called "free country". If we let that go "freedom" with truly be nothing but lip-service. Secondly, as you point out, it's so vague that it pretty much leaves anything up for grabs. I could claim that a picture of a kitten causes me "emotional distress" because I had a cat that died when I was a kid.

    Of course, that have to do something, though. Some guy sent a picture of his johnson out into the world, and this simply can not be tolerated. America's hang-ups about sex are far, far more important than freedom.

  6. I tried to put "sarcasm" tags around that last paragraph, but Blogger apparently took me a little too literally.

  7. Totally find yourself a lawyer! Better get on that before McDonald's does.

  8. Mr. Weiner's weiner aside, this kind of law could also be a reaction to bullying and intimidation, which occurs more and more through texts and emails, and is the kind of law that makes sense to me. But I can easily see how this could get abused. Wording a law in such a way that leaves it subjective is what doesn't make sense.

  9. Lolamouse- That may have caused somebody emotional distress. We may have to go on the run together now!

    Doug- It's a good thing I never posted any pictures of myself, then. I would have been arrested years ago.

    Bryan- I caught your sarcasm tags, even if blogger didn't. This is what happens when a bunch of puritans start their own country.

    Asha- Will they start charging all bloggers extra per meal, too?

    Brent- Some of these lawmakers should be sent back to school, I think.

  10. Pretty soon it's going to be illegal to tell someone "no" when they ask you out because it will cause emotional distress. *sigh* This is stupid.

  11. Chanel- I could have sued a lot of girls.