Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pain Management

I took a day off and went to see my doctor. I was expecting another cortisone shot and maybe a referral.

It's been a year now and my arm isn't getting better and I believe I have enough sick time saved up to hopefully get it fixed and recover.

Instead of giving me another shot the doctor has gone into 'pain management' mode until I can see the orthopedic surgeon. He's going to let the surgeon decide what to do next. That thought scares the crap out of me but I have to get this thing fixed or I'm going to end up crippled. I really really don't want surgery but it might be my only option.

I've started losing some sensation when I sleep on it or lay it on my desk too long playing games, etc and my elbow has started making this random clicking at times when I move it. And despite how small those clicks sound, each one is a unique little trip into the world of sudden sharp pain. Like someone just busted a needle off in my bone each time.

The doc wrote me a couple of scrips for pain meds. One that I've had before and a new one I'd never heard of. Wowie zowie. Let's suffice to say that I'll be sticking to Tylenol while I'm at work or having to drive anywhere.

Sure, my arm doesn't hurt right at the moment. But I suspect I wouldn't feel it if it were on fire, either. Good stuff. But not good for being at work. Nope.

I'm hoping that this will turn out to be a minor fix so I can be back at work quickly. Not that I love my job so much. I just get bored easily and being right handed and not being able to use my right hand to type and write and other things will make me get really bored really fast. I probably better stock up on new books to read before I have the surgery, eh?

So! That being said... I hope everybody stayed safe while I was away. Let's keep it between the ketchup and the mustard people!

Oh yeah. Tomorrow will be Camera Day. Just not inside the fence, right? This is also the feast day of Saint Cassius of Narni and marks the beginning of the wine festival in Haro, Spain. It is also the birthdate of Nelson Eddy (1901), Ray Harryhausen (1920) and Slim Pickens (1919). And this date marks the deaths of Fatty Arbuckle (1933), Jayne Mansfield (1967) and Bob Crane (1978). And I really had to dig to find all of that extra stuff, believe me.


  1. Good luck with the arm, I'm ignoring my carpal tunnel as long as possible.

  2. I feel your pain…that exact pain! I will let you go first, I’ll read all about how it turns out, then I’ll go to the surgeon.(maybe they can fix my wrist at the same time?) Until then I will avoid straightening my arm and try not to drop anyone.

  3. I've always found that, when dealing with prescription pain medication, a half a pill is always sufficient without making you too loopy to function regularly. Doctors always say to take too much.

  4. Anon- It's been a year. I couldn't take it any more.

    Sunday- I guess I can be a guinea pig. I'll try to keep up with a report. It will just take me longer typing with only one hand afterwards.

    Chanel- You are right, as usual. I always start out with a half a pill. Usually that's good enough without turning me into a turnip.

  5. I'm getting an MRI done on my knee this month. I'm dreading what they're going to tell me.

  6. How do you feel about alternative medical treatments? I tore a rotator cuff about three years ago and refused the shots, opting instead for the body to heal itself. I toughed it through and appeared to be doing pretty good until few months ago when I began to have a recurrence of pain in the shoulder radiating down to the elbow and the hands and not being able to sleep on shoulder or lift above head or reach back. Was led to acupunturist who diagnosed frozen shoulder and stuck a few needles in it. Surprisingly, it worked. Worth a try before going the surgery route. Think about it.

  7. Amy- They will probably send me for an MRI first thing. I am dreading it a trying to stay hopeful at the same time.

    Shirley- I tried letting it heal itself at first and it just kept getting worse. Probably why the shots don't work very long now. I've tried acupuncture before with little effect and my insurance won't pay for it anyway. More's the pity. Tried physical therapy and hot and cold wraps and ultrasound and the works. Maybe an exorcist?

  8. Hmmm, my arm goes often goes numb when I fall asleep on it. I thought that was normal. Now you've got me worried.

    As for pain medication, I found that the stuff the dentist gave me last winter made me more loopier in the head than it did to actually relieve the pain. It seemed like good old fashion ibuprofen worked better.

    At any rate, hope everything goes well. Hopefully you'll warn us if you're going to be off the map for awhile. We'll get worried.

  9. Bryan- Now my arm goes numb in a different and somewhat painful to recover way. And there gets a time when you have taken too much ibuprofen and acetaminophen and plain aspirin and it's not going to do you any more good. I'm at that point, unfortunately. And I will most assuredly give you as much warning as I get.

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