Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Last Place I Expected To Go

Once again, I should have expected it. After writing that post last night about the treatment house and how little I thought of it anyway and how they sent that dangerous little puke there, guess where they sent me?

The treatment house, of course.

For the very first time. Oh, I'd been there once for about twenty minutes one night to relieve somebody and I'd passed through a couple of times but I had never ever spent an entire shift there until tonight.

I have issues. Personally I think the whole treatment thing is a joke. I seriously doubt that a single one of these knuckleheads is going to quit doing drugs or alcohol because of that program. And all of the treatment offenders I have ever had to deal with were snotty mouthed punks.

Sure, there may be one or two out of a hundred that are serious about turning their lives around if they get out. But we're still going to end up stuck with the rest of them when they fail the program.

And no, I didn't run into that certain offender. He wasn't in the same wing as I was. But I did run into another one that I had dealt with years ago back in the Hive. he was nothing but a loud mouthed snaphole back then and I'm sure he hasn't changed much. I told the regular wing officer to keep an eye on him. He's a meth head and a complete idiot. Another one of those that I'm sure I'll be seeing over and over again until one of us dies.

I walked right up to him at count time and said "I know you." He recognized me too and it didn't appear that he was all that happy to see me. I wonder why?

Well, I managed to swallow my issues and keep my opinions in check and we made it through the night without and problems. And for a Friday, that is a good thing.

Hopefully now that I got work out of the way for another week, I can get some work done around the house. Doesn't that just suck?

Saturday will be National Hug Holiday and King Kamehameha Day. It is also the day for the Belmont Stakes, Corn On The Cob Day and the Wicket World of Croquet Day.

Sunday will be Machine Day. Also Crowded Nest Awareness Day, Loving Day and the Orthodox Pentecost.

Monday will be National Juggling Day and Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day. Hey, that's me! I can't juggle, but I am a pure klutz in the kitchen.


  1. "I know you."

    I like that. Simple, direct, and I imagine, heavily-laced with ominous overtones.

  2. That big about being a meth head and an idiot was kind of redundant. If you are a meth head, you have to be an idiot. Otherwise you would never have done meth in the first place. The two kind of go hand in hand.

    If it's a hugging day I think I should have stayed home. I don't like hugging people. Just family and really close friends. And even then...not often.

  3. Great. NOW you tell me today was the Belmont Stakes.

  4. Wow, I would NOT want your job. Having worked in the mental health field (I know, you hate me now), the thing about treatment is that you have to seek it out yourself and even then, many addictions treatments take more than one try to stick. If someone is forced or coerced into it for an early parole or some other motivation, it's BS. It's a total waste of time and resources that could be better spent elsewhere.

  5. I’m struck by the recurrence of this man in your life, and yours in his:

    “Another one of those that I'm sure I'll be seeing over and over again until one of us dies.”

    Which establishes a bond between you, even if marked only by mutual antipathy.

  6. Bryan- It got the message across. There was a slight widening of the eyes and an involuntary gulp.

    Chanel- You are so right. What's the opposite of an oxymoron?

    I'm not much of a hugger either, most days.

    Donna- I hope you got your bets down in time...

    Lolamouse- I don't hate you. How could I? But it's true. The people who want to quit must seek out treatment themselves. Having it forced on them usually just makes them more determined and stubborn.

    Vincent- As much as I detest having a bond between me and that fool, even one forged in animosity, I suspect that you are quite correct. Unfortunately, there are probably at least a hundred more just like him that I can think of off of the top of my head. I am too stubborn and too desperate to change jobs and they are too stupid to change their ways. **sigh** I guess I can't think of myself as a superhero. All of my foes are pathetic.