Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Night In The Hive

I wasn't really sure I could come in today. I debated with myself about calling in sick.

But I decided to pull up my big boy pants and go on in to work after all.

They had me scheduled to work the Hive 2-10 in BG's old spot. Doing rec.

I just wasn't really sure if I could do that. But I did. I hadn't been down there for a shift in quite some time. I'd been down for a few moments, dropping off knuckleheads or their property, but not for an entire shift. And certainly not in that spot.

It was comfortable and uncomfortable all at the same time. I knew the job because I had done it for so long that I slipped right back into my getting things done mode and got things done. But I was extremely uncomfortable several times thinking about whose spot I was filling. To me, that will never be any spot but his.

There had been alot of excitement on day shift. Apparently some drug activity and fights over the drugs on B-side. They locked up fifteen (?) I think, during the day. Mostly from B-side.

I think it was a good idea that that big metal shank appeared and disappeared when it did. Do you think somebody knew this would happen? It sure looks that way. It might just be coincidence, but I no longer trust those inside the fence.

Big M was my partner for the evening and he helped me out with the things that had changed in my absence. There had been quite a few changes. I liked some of them and disliked some others. And it kind of galls me that some of the changes that had occurred since I left were some of the things I had been trying to get changed in the six years I was down there.

And the evil swine waited until I left to get them done. Don't that just figure?

Ah, well. The night went well and we got some rec done. Not as much as the Big Guy would have done (he was a machine), but enough. We only left them with maybe a round and a half to get done tomorrow and that aint too shabby.

And I managed to get through the night down there without having to bite my lip or slam anybody to the ground. I consider both of those to be a victory.

For some reason midnight shift has been calling out like crazy but I managed to make it all week without having to pull a double. It was bloody close, though. On Thursday I was number five on the list. If I hadn't been 2-10 tonight I would probably have gotten hit. Tried to volunteer to work a day this weekend to get me off the doubles list, but they were pretty solid so no takers there.

**sigh** I suppose that Monday I will have to volunteer so I can pick a decent spot to work in. Hopefully I pick a spot where I can stay awake and not have to do the Del Norte walk. What a pain. I hate working doubles. But it's been a good long time since the last one so I guess I'm due.

So Saturday will be Log Cabin Day. I don't know if they mean real log cabins or just the syrup. Maybe both. It will also be The Great American Backyard Campout.

Sunday will be National Chocolate Pudding Day. Yay! It will also be America's Kids Day and Descendents Day.

Monday is National Columnists Day, Decide To Be Married Day, "Happy Birthday To You" Day and Please Take My Children To Work Day. Whoever came up with that last one must be a friggin' genius!


  1. I'm proud of you Rev for putting on your big boy panties and facing it head on. Good for you.

  2. FYI: Happy Birthday to Me Day is February 8th, and I expect something good ;)

  3. I'm glad you didn't have too hard a time with working BG's spot. Why do you call it the hive? I've always wondered.

    I need to get some chocolate pudding before tomorrow!

  4. If Saturday was "Build A Log Cabin Day" I could say mission accomplished because I created a masterpiece Abe Lincoln would have been proud of in my toilet. The wife wasn't amused though....women. Haha.

  5. I'm starting to sort of understand the links between your choice of picture to begin your posts, but sometimes the connection is hard to find. Isn't the Umbrella Corporation responsible for the Resident Evil zombies?

  6. Joe- It was difficult, but i did it anyway.

    Bryan- I'll mark that on my calendar. I could send you a dog right now if you needed one for an early present.

    Chanel- I always forget to explain that. When I started this I was a big Resident Evil fan. I still am. The Hive is their secret underground lab beneath Raccoon City. It fits, believe me.

    FlyinMonkey- Some women just don't know what's important in this world.

    Brent- Yup. That's them. Since I don't want to say exactly where I work in case someone gets pissed and wants to shut me down I work for the Umbrella Corporation right here in Raccoon City. It's a flimsy cover, but it works.

  7. I might be stating the obvious, but the "hive" is also a reference to Umbrella's base of operations...I think...At least the movie said so.

  8. Scott- That's the place. Sometimes i don't explain myself real well. I know what I meant when it was still in my head...

  9. I considered answering Brent's question the other day, but I figured why deprive you of the fun ;)

  10. Bryan- I could always use the help.