Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Playing The Game

When the inmates are ostensibly behaving themselves we often have to be self entertaining. That often involves bad jokes and long winded b.s. stories.

But every now and then we like to exercise our minds. So we come up with games that we can play in our heads.

Heck, you could host the Superbowl in my head, there's so much extra space.

But I digress.

Sgt Uncle T came up with a game the other night. We started out with band names. Whatever name you picked, the next person had to come up with another name starting with the last letter of whatever you said.

For example, if I said "Aerosmith" then the next person had to come up with a band that started with the letter "h".

See? Pretty simple. Except when the pressure is on and everyone is looking at you. Then it gets hard. How many bands can you think of right now that start with "h"? And no fair googling it, either!

We got no internet access on the yard. Only our very own all natural brains.

Anyway, you go around and around until only one person is left and they win.

We went from band names to actors and actresses to movie titles. Uncle T, Sausage and Grasshopper were the last three. They played it across the yard, through central and the control center and out into the parking lot.

I left them there and went home.

When Sarge and Sausage walked out the door back onto the yard this afternoon they were still playing! Good grief! They finally quit after awhile and moved on to something else, thank goodness.

About 9:00pm this evening I went up to do my paperwork (I was on 30 yard) and I stopped on B-yard just to see what was happening. They sucked me into another game. Cartoon characters! Hokey smokes!

I hung in for about 15-20 minutes and it got down to me and Ritz and I stuck him with "Racer X" from Speed Racer. I left to go count 30 house as he was still trying to come up with a cartoon character that started with "x".

I may have won, but I didn't hang around to find out.

But there we were, your tax dollars at work.

At least we were exercising our minds.

So! Tomorrow is going to be Smile Power Day and Pay Day. Always something to smile about there! It's also Native American Citizenship Day.

Umm... could somebody explain that one to me real quick? I'm confused.

Maybe I'll just slide on over to the fact that it's also Nature Photography Day and avoid that whole issue altogether.


  1. Hinder
    Grateful Dead
    Days of the New
    Radio Head
    Goo Goo Dolls
    Red Ryder
    House of Pain

    (I could do this all day. :) Sounds like the sort of thing you'd pass the time with on long car rides.)

  2. Ug! Bryan said Grateful Dead! Ick! And Goo Good Dolls. How do you even know who they are, Bryan?

    That being said. I like those kinds of games. Padawan and I play a game sometimes where we'll quote a movie, and you have to say what movie, what character, and the year of the film. I usually win.

  3. @Chanel: Hey, the rules didn't say we had to had to name bands we liked. It was just the first names that popped into my head with the corresponding letters.

  4. I get such a kick out of your graphics. They are always so fitting to your topic. Today's especially so.

  5. Bryan- Like I said, it's easy when you aren't playing and there's half a dozen guys waiting for your answer. And in the first five minutes you've used up all the good names. And it would be excellent for long trips.

    Lolamouse- There! See?

    Chanel- (he says as he raises an eyebrow) And what's wrong with the Grateful Dead? Harrumph!

    Bryan- Hmmm....

    Shirley- Welcome. Always glad to hear a new voice. Sometimes finding the pictures I want takes me longer than writing the post. Some days they write themselves.

  6. Did Lolamouse get stuck on U2 (Howz about 2LiveCrew?), or was "uh-oh" because it could go on forever?

    Anyway, do I understand correctly that you were playing this through radios? How does that go over with your superiors?

  7. Brent- No. We were not playing it over the radio. That would have gotten us a severe frowning at, for sure!