Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Counting The Gear

I had a stupid night. I dropped nearly everything I touched and tripped over the stuff I dropped. At least I didn't break anything vital or expensive.

Then they sent me out in a car with a loaded shotgun.

It's a plain miracle that we all survived.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Other than the stupidity, I did manage to finally get my inventory of the Comm Room completed. But it was a trial, let me tell you.

Tonight, aside from "accounting" for all of the gear in there, I also counted them. Mostly just to get my mind off of other things and for my own curiosity.

We have, in the Comm Room:

272 radios, 25 of which are broken.

380 set of keys. And the number of individual keys in each set range from 1 to around 30.

And 60 pieces of miscellaneous equipment from restraints to metal detectors and bullhorns to body alarms.

Of those 380 sets of keys, 39 sets are the Emergency keys in the sealed cabinet and I hope I never have to touch any of them. It involves alot of paperwork and the cabinet only gets opened when things go really bad.

51 sets are Restricted. Only certain people can have those and if they aren't on the list, they don't get them. You have to know who is on the list so you don't give them to the wrong person. Luckily, they mostly only come in on my watch, and not go out.

The remaining 290 sets are available to almost anybody that works there, except the inmates. And most people have their favorite sets of keys and get cranky when other people check them out.

Oh, and all of those sets of keys are different. Most of them are just identified by a number. You have to know which set of keys belongs in which place. If you don't know, they just look at you like you are stupid.

I get lots of those looks.

So all in all, I have to physically account for over 700 individual pieces of equipment every night that I am up there.

Hell, I'm lucky I can find my own keys, most days.

Even if it is one day inside in the air conditioning, I suspect I may be in the wrong place.


  1. Misty- Somehow i knew that was going to come up. (grin) They are for the square staff.. er... civilians that work there that don't want to carry a radio. It's a little black box like a pocket am radio with a pin in it like a hand grenade. If you get into trouble you pull the pin and the box makes an ear splitting screeching noise. If you hear that noise inside the fence you come a-runnin'!

  2. lol...maybe there should be a whole separate post just for people like me explaining the original post. :)
    If I were a "square staff" or "civilian", I think I would prefer the radio over something that is going to permanently damage my eardrums. Then again, with how many of the radios that you said DON'T work, I'd be afraid you would hand me one of those and then I'd really be in trouble. :)