Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Time To Stop

When someone is faced with a task to do and asks me for directions, I invariably say "Start at the beginning, go to the end and then stop."

It's facetious, fatuous and snide, but then that's me.

But I believe I am going to take my own advice. It's time to stop.

I have noticed that my posts are getting shorter, lamer and less interesting. It has become what the investigator called it. "Nothing more than a daily journal. Boring."

So I'm going to quit now rather than just slide inexorably into obscurity.

It's been a good run. Another 17 days and I would have made it two years. Ah, well.

You guys made it worthwhile. I want to thank you.

I'll be seeing you around.

And let's be careful out there.


  1. thanks for a different look at "corrections". Always wondered what it looked like from our side of the bars. btw I understand the stop motive did it mayself, now i only blog vacations for family and such....

  2. Oh common!! Say it's not so. You have plenty to blog about,even if you don't blog about work. Don't forget, this is the cheapest form of therapy that we can get. :)

  3. I'm bummed! I JUST found your blog and was really enjoying it. Well, you could at leat blog when something exciting goes down. You don't have to stop completely.

  4. I have worked in corrections for a few years or so. Reading your blogs have helped me understand alot about correctional life. You also have taught me a lot of how a correctional center does work, *L* or shouldn't work. I have enjoyed everything you have written and will still check back often to see if anything new shows up or just to read past blogs. I know I have read most of them at least twice or more. Be careful and blog when you can.

  5. Phil- Thanks. I think I accomplished for a while what I set out to do.

    Tango- Unfortunately, the things I need to rant about right now aren't for a public forum. It would feel good to blow, but not here and not about that.

    Misty- I'm sorry. Maybe in a month or so I'll feel like writing again.

    Miz Cupcake- I'm glad you guys enjoyed it. You and KP are awesome folks. It's been a good ride.

  6. NOOOOO!!!! This is MY therapy session, too!!! I'm going to miss reading your voice in the morning. Now I'll have to settle for your occasional jaunt into the "land of boredom".

  7. thanks for the read.

  8. come back to the hive for 1 will have enough to rant about for a year!!!!!!!!

  9. I've enjoyed looking at a world through your eyes that I (hopefully) will never inhabit.
    I hope you find your mojo and write again.