Sunday, October 5, 2008

Still Watching

In the bubble again today. Since it was sunday, not alot went on. Spent the day trying to do old crossword puzzles out of leftover newspapers and watching the cameras. They are in the midst of installing a new camera system for us. Well, not realy for us, per say. They are for safety and security reasons. Yeah, whatever. mOstly what they are for is if something happens and an inmate or their family tries to sue, they can pull up the recordings and say "See? This is what happened!" The sysytem is about a quarter of the way done in our house. It's taking forever. The camera guy pulled up a couple of the cameras that were hooked up and the resolution was great. And it was even in color. The old system we are still using at the moment is b/w and so grainy as to be almost useless. We'll be able to see so much more with the new system. Problem is, so will everybody else. The system will also be hooked up in the wardens office. So he can see what we are doing at any given time of day. Yayyyyyy! Let the micromanaging begin!

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