Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I thought when I started this thing that it would just be a local blast and I would have some fun with mostly just the crew I work with. But instead of just being a midwest lead bible belt thing I've now had hits on my site from one coast to another. I just got a hit today from Rockville, Maryland! Yow! Heck, I even got a hit from Sweden and one from France. Granted, they were mistake hits and they didn't stay but still. I've actually had like three times as many readers in Oregon and Washington that I have had here in the home-ville. That's cool. They can probably detect the scent of a misplaced pacific northwesterner in my typing style. (grin)
Anyway, today was just nuts. Twelve people on suicide watch or close observation and the psych lady came in to see all of them. One of them when he came out of the cell was a bit agitated and a couple of young punks were yelling at him and got him more upset. He was pretty much incoherent when he went in to see the pshrink and as we were taking him back to his cell he lunged away to scream at one of the punks. It was touch and go there for a minute as to whether or not somebody was going to get hurt and even up to the time he went into his cell and the door started to close I was wondering if we were going to dance. He went in tho and I got my cuffs back off and we stepped outside for a bit of a breather. I was so wound up from the adrenaline that I had the jitters for about five minutes. He was kind of a big dude and pretty crazy and even if he was in cuffs I didn't want to dance with him. I'm getting too old for that stuff, I think. The last of them went back just as the people showed up for the Ad-Seg Committee. About twenty offenders to pull out for them to see and piss off and then it was time to feed lunch and then it was time for releases and right in the middle of releases some other knucklehead who had gotten locked up earlier in the day went berzerk and needed to be put on suicide watch and from the looks of things it was touch and go there with him too. Then it was time to hand back property to the ones who had gotten off of close observation and do all the paperwork and catch up on my logs and mark down the meals and then it was time to go home! Man! Most days I am really glad to see third shift come in the door and today was no exception. I could have kissed.... well... one-sixth of them, anyway. I hope if I go back to evening shift that I'll go somewhere as exciting as my house has been. Or at least someplace that will keep me busy.
P.S. I'm off work for the next five days. Taking a mini-vacation to take care of some "honey-do's" that have been piling up. I'll still post on adventures past, I think. At any rate, stay loose and be careful out there.

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