Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I screwed up

Ok, I admit it, I screwed up. Not in a big way, but still...... Just another reminder I'm getting old.

Every year we have to take a TB test. It's annoying, but I can see all the reasons and they're good ones. In a closed environment like we have in the prison, diseases like Tb can run rampant. The test is always due during your birth month and october is mine. I had meant to do it the first of the month but one thing lead to another and the month was almost over before I could catch the nurse in her office.

Finally caught up with her yesterday morning and there was a crowd of people in there all in line. I joined the line and signed the papers she gave me and the next thing I knew she was giving me a shot in the upper arm. Then she said "Oh, you're here for your TB test. Well, you just got a flu shot." Snap! Got the Tb test right after that.

Sure enough, about an hour later I started feeling a bit run down. Then I got a headache and my throat started getting raspy. Then I began to itch. Not like hives or anything, just itchy. About lunch time people started looking at me and asking "Are you okay?" Apparently I was pretty grey.

And of course, it was tuesday, which is the busiest day of the week in our house. People running in and out wanting to have these offenders and those offenders pulled out of their cells so they can see them about this and that. And we were short-staffed so they pulled a guy from one of the other houses who was NOT happy to be working our house at all and they sent us one utility officer who took every opportunity to sit his butt down in a chair and do as little as possible. Not a good day to be under the weather. But we managed to pull it off. Got the guy from the other house replaced with another utility officer who liked working our house and liked working and staying busy. Managed to pawn the other lazy-duff onto the nurse and had him follow her around handing out non-scrip meds to the offenders.

I should have remembered from last year when I did the same thing. With the same results. Do me a favor. If I'm still blogging this time next year, send me a comment or an email and say "Hey Rev! Don't take a flu shot, stupid!"

Now I'm going to take some tylenol and go back to bed.