Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ran Me Ragged

Sorry.  I just couldn't resist that picture when I found it.

Man... there goes my PG rating..... (grin)

Well, I knew it was going to be a long night when I looked at the chrono on the way out the night before.  They were running me short an officer so I knew I was going to have to make up the difference myself.

But when I got there they not only had me but another one of my officers scheduled to work in the Moon Room doing strip searches!  I said "Hey!  I already have one vacancy and one officer in strips and you want to pull me, too?  Who are you going to leave in my house?  It normally takes five of us to get them to chow and back.  Should they try to do it with two?"

Luckily he saw my point and moved the Brute to strips so I could go to the house.  And Uncle T heard my dilemma and moved the extra dining officer to strips so I could get my other guy back just in time for count.

Much to credit my infinite luck they also sent me Miss Boggle to work down in D-wing with me.  Every five minutes she was down in the wing shouting at some knucklehead for doing something stupid.  She wrote two violations and I talked her out of writing two more.  I think she finally felt sorry for me.  Right in the middle of everything else after the evening classes were over in the house one idiot assaulted another idiot up in E-wing and I had to go deal with that.

Two nights in a row of dealing with her and I don't know who would benefit more from about 10 milligrams of valium, me or her.  Either way would work, I'm sure.

None of us saw what happened.  One offender said another one hit him.  And when I asked the second guy if he did, he admitted it.  So I called Captain Strong and he reviewed the tapes from the security cameras.  he called back down and said "Yup.  He hit him.  Plain as day.  Lock him up."

So more paperwork for me.  And since it was my house I got to write the violation and walk all the way across the camp to the Hive to get it read.

Hey.  At least I got my exercise for the night.


  1. Yup, I'm thinking a beach day would bring back your sanity! Opps...I forgot, no beaches near you...yikes - so then a bar day it will have to be.

    Sounds rough - are you looking forward to Sunday when things change for you and your job? (it is this Sunday, right?) Will all this be a thing of the past?

  2. Jenny Lou- I am looking forward to Sunday. It will be a change of pace and hopefully a bit better. But bad stuff happens out on the yard, too. As you will see in my next post this evening. And I will still have one utility day so I could end up anywhere.