Sunday, October 7, 2012

Itching For Attention

Despite what Chuck or Miz Slim might say, I didn't jinx us by hoping we would have a calm night.  I just want to get that out in the open right out front.  It wasn't me.

Things were going along pretty well.  No major incidents or accidents.  Just life as usual.  Well, until the Lieutenant called and pulled my other wing officer, anyway.  That sucked.  he pulled Miz Boggle because he was short in another house, leaving me with two wing officers and five wings to cover.

That made count time a lot more work than usual.

But that's beside the point.

About 8:30 an inmate from E-wing came down and said he had to go to medical because he thought he had scabies.  Sore called and told me and I said "Send him and let me know what they say."

About twenty minutes later medical called and said "Yup.  He's got scabies."  Moments afterwards two more offenders from E-wing came down and said "We need to go to medical.  We think we have scabies, too."

And they did.  Oh freaking snap.....

So they sent them back and they bagged up all of their clothes and bedding to go out to laundry and got them cans of RID spray to hose down their mattresses and bunks.  Then they had to go up to medical and shower and put on this special cream and bag up the rest of what they were wearing to go to laundry.

In the meantime, two more offenders came down.....

Luckily they decided either it was psychosomatic or they were just in the early stages because they didn't have any signs and they just sent them back to the house.  I was beginning to think it was an epidemic.

And why do they always wait until so late at night to tell us this stuff?

On top of that it all gave my laundry guys a case of the screaming fidgets when they came down and saw all of those biohazard bags in the laundry carts.  Nobody wanted to touch anything and they all ran off to wash their hands immediately afterwards.

And I, of course, couldn't help but egg it on a little bit.  I pointed at one guys arm and said "Look!  There's one on your arm!"  He jumped and brushed at himself like crazy and then shivered all over.

That was more fun than shooting crickets with the water hose.

If nothing else, it gave us something else to do than do endless wing checks to cover up for our lack of staff.

And if you are wondering what scabies are, just go here:  Scabies.

But if you start itching after reading it, don't blame me.  I just wanted a calm post.


  1. I think I'm going to bid Sgt. Archer's job, just to make you mad. You know, I do have 1 1/2 hours seniority over you and The Watcher. Nah, I won't. We get a bunch of those nasty scabies in the Hive too. Gross!

    1. Drew- You had me scared for a minute there, pal. I'll probably get out-bid anyway, but I'm gonna give it a shot.

      You and your hour and a half seniority.... (grin)

  2. Ewww. I shouldn't have read this entry. When people talk about head lice, my head starts itching like crazy.

    1. Donna- It made me itch all over again writing it, trust me.