Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moral Support

A lot of what I do as a supervisor is back up other people's decisions.  Sometimes they come and ask me first but alot (<--Bryan) of the time they just tell me what they did and I either pat them on the head or tell them how to do it differently the next time.

Sometimes I will have someone come to me and say "This happened and I did this.  Is that okay?"  Yeah.  That works too.  I am tickled pink when the people who are capable of making rational decisions go ahead and make them.  It just makes my job so much easier.

Like I said the other night, I have some pretty good folks to work with.  For the most part.  Granted, some of them couldn't be trusted with a dead cockroach and a wet book of matches.

As a matter of fact, I can recall a time when I actually had to take a dead cockroach away from somebody...

Ah, but maybe that's a tale better suited for later.

Anyway, much of my job just seems to be offering moral support to my officers.

Tonight was a good example.  Two officers from another house came over to put some property down in the contraband storage room.  They'd only done it a couple of times and asked if I would come along in case they had questions.  I didn't see why not.  It's not a complicated process but it can be confusing if you don't do the steps right.

We went on downstairs to the contraband room and the conversation went like this:

"So, I put this here, right?  Fill this out?"


"Then I write this number on the violation?"


"Then I staple this copy to the property and put it on this shelf here, right?"


They knew what they were doing.  Neither one of them really needed me.

On the way back upstairs I said "I didn't give you much help.  But by Gawd I gave you validity!"

Sometimes I have to justify my own existence.  Even if just to myself.


  1. Well now I KNOW that you're doing it to mess with me :D

    And yeah, it's great when people get things on their own.

    1. Bryan- I caught myself trying to write "alot" and stopped. Then the second time I just had to do it!