Monday, October 29, 2012

Aw... Man...

You know, I finally got them used to not pulling an officer out of 10 house on visiting days because we stay so busy running back and forth.  So tonight they pulled me instead.  Go figure.

I got put out on A-yard, which I thought wouldn't be too bad.  I had KP and Anakin out there and they're old hands so I thought it would be an easy night.  That thought only lasted about thirty seconds.

KP says to me "You know that you have Strangle and Meany and Boggle up in 1 House without a Sergeant tonight."  Before I could even wipe the horrified look off of my face he added "You're going to be busy all freaking night, you know.."

I just kept my fingers crossed and hoped that they would behave themselves.

Well....  That didn't last long.

We hadn't even been on shift an hour.  It was ten minutes before count when Boggle comes over the radio.  "41 to 65, 10-10 housing unit 1!"  KP and Anakin both look at me and start laughing.  Cripes.

Shows how well my luck runs.

Some idiot inmate got stupid with Boggle over the laundry and they had him in cuffs.  I talked to the guy for a minute and he was just an idiot.  His first time in prison and he didn't have a clue.  I think the whole thing was a clumsy check-in move to get off of the hill.  I tried to blame it all on Meany but this time he was actually innocent.

So I had to leave Anakin there to watch him while they counted and then take him off to the Hive after count cleared.

Later on I got to do some Sergeanty talking-to stuff.  I found out that Miss Boggle had called the Lieutenant when they cuffed the guy up and neglected to call me first.  I had to remind her of the chain of command.  In the absence of a housing unit Sergeant, the yard Sergeant is in charge of the house.  And it makes me look kind of stupid when the Lt asks me what is going on and I don't have a clue.

Hopefully that doesn't happen again.  I don't need anybody else's help looking stupid, thank you!

Luckily, they got whatever it was out of their system and I had a calm night after that.

But I sure thought KP had jinxed me there for a minute...


  1. Hey Rev - I've been reading but not commenting...bad me!

    So this will be the three in one catchup comment! (sounds like some fries should accompany this too)

    First off - congrats on getting the yard relief spot - I look forward to reading all about your first day, next Sunday.

    Second, nothing like having "alot" (Hi Bryan) on your plate what with dead cockroaches and wet matches, but still managing to find time to hold hands with your posse down in the contraband room. Good on you, mate!

    Last, but far from least...your luck issues. Good thing I've always got some to spare, so consider yourself "sprinkled" with luck dust. (think chain mail link filings - same thing, sorta) *grin*

    Okay, one more thing - kudos (your choice whether candy coated or straight up) to the continued effort you are expending in the chain mail department.

    Can't wait for the photos! There will be photos, right?

    Now I'm done...back to work everybody, nothing more to see here! (we bury our own dead) :P

    1. Addendum - That would be photos of you wearing your creation...just to be really clear here!

    2. Jenny- Thanks for the all-inclusive reply! And thanks too for the extra luck. It looks like I'm going to need it.

      And I don't know about the whole pictures of me bit. I try to stay as anonymous as I can. Maybe if I can find my old Richard Nixon mask somewhere... (grin)

    3. It's called photoshop...or you can just crop out "the head"! *giggling*'s mostly that I'd like to see this project in if that means a shot minus a head I'm good with that!

      Totally get your need for anonymity! That's why I pretend to be Jenny Pearson, popular name, no one would ever guess it's really ME! (I even fool myself!) :P

  2. Look out for Anakin. He wants more power even though he knows he shouldn't.