Sunday, October 7, 2012


I gotta give credit where credit is due.  Sometimes people at work really are paying attention when things are just a little out of the ordinary.  And sometimes it really pays off.

Had pretty much a slow night.  Sunday.  Nothing happening.  Just doing my eight then hit the gate.  I can live with nights like that now and then.

About 8:30 Big Muppet calls me from 30 house and asks me to come around back and meet him.  I was really hoping it was nothing major, that late at night.

When I get out there he points back up to my house and says "An offender is hiding something up in the ceiling of that room right up there.  I couldn't see who he was or what he was hiding, but he was putting something up there."

Cool.  A mission.

I trot upstairs and find the room.  It's the E-wing library room.  Shed my coat and climb up on a stack of chairs and the window sill and start lifting ceiling tiles.  The second one I move and out drops a CD case with two CD's in it and a pair of headphones.  I poke around a little bit more and don't find anything else.

That kind of makes me mad.  It's just selfishness in action.

The offenders in 10 house aren't allowed personal CD players or Walkman tape players or radios in the treatment program.  But they can check out a CD player and one CD at a time from the bubble.  And whoever this knucklehead was just wanted to make sure that nobody else would get those two CD's to listen to so he swiped them and stuck them up in the ceiling.

What a selfish snaphead.

So I think starting tomorrow that E-wing is going to lose their CD players for about a week.  Or longer, if I can pull it off.

Somebody knows who did that.  And peer pressure is a wonderful thing.  Especially when there are 40 or 50 of them pissed off at you all at the same time.

Heh... heh... heh...

So anyway, kudos to Big Muppet for paying attention and telling somebody about it.  Granted it was just a couple of CD's, but it could have been drugs or a cell phone or a weapon.  I'll make sure he gets an official thank you in his file.


  1. See, I would have went with the Kudos snack bar, but you went with the soap flakes. Old School. I like it.

    1. Bryan- I saw the candy bar and said "Nah.. too predictable." Then I saw the soap and it was love at first site. (grin)

  2. You do realize, in light of the ever cleaver Mr. White's comment, I goggled Kudos snack bar and would have been my choice too! *grin*

    That being said, I'm always looking for the subliminal message behind your post pics and those soap flakes made me think of "squeaky clean" which is what I gather you are aiming for in that house of yours.

    I can't wait to read about the "peer pressure" outcome!

    1. Jenny- I'll be lucky if I get out of there clean myself, let alone any chance of cleaning that place up. And the peer pressure is going well. They are getting agitated. Ka-ching!

  3. I think you enjoy this WAYYY too much.

    1. Donna- You know.. sometimes I do. When I can foil them at their little games without being needlessly cruel it just tickles the snap out of me.