Sunday, August 12, 2012

Small Victories

Every once in awhile we get to "get back" at bad inmate behavior in a way that makes me smile.

And using their peers irritation against them is one of the best ways to do it.

Over in 10 house, which is "treatment", the offenders are living under a different set of rules than the regular General Population offenders. Their rules are stricter and quite a bit more regimented. Many of the offenders we have there have never actually been inside a real prison before and the treatment is designed to be a bit harsh in hopes that it will keep at least a few of them from coming back.

I don't know if it works or not. I haven't seen any of the numbers.

But since they are treatment we have a little more leeway in creating new rules for behavior. We can get away with things there that would never fly out on the hill. Like making them keep their shirts tucked in at all times and making them walk in single file everywhere.

And we are allowed within reason to make new rules or modify existing ones to fit changing situations.

Tonight Meatball came and got me and said that someone had been putting graffiti on one of the walls. When I went to look he showed me that someone standing in line for the nurse had scratched the "SS" lightning bolts into the place where the drywall had been repaired.

That pissed me off enough. I despise that nazi crap. But what made it even worse was a few feet down the wall I noticed that someone had written with a pen on the wall.

It said: "F**k the police in their necks."

I'd like to take a turn with the neck of whoever wrote that, personally. We'd see who would end up f**king who.


So I said "Fine. From now on they are not allowed to lean against the wall during med pass. They will all stand in a single file line in the center of the hallway. And if they don't like it, they can come clean that crap off of my wall and find who did it."

Then I printed up some notices forbidding them from leaning on the wall and taped them up.

Later on I was coming down stairs and I overheard a couple of offenders in the hallway talking about the signs.

"What's this about?"
"Someone wrote on the wall and I heard Sarge is pissed!"
"Man! Why do they have to screw things up for everybody? I'd like to find that dude and beat his a**!"

Not ten minutes after the announcement went out (Meatball happily went and spread the word to all the wings) we started getting tips on who the mystery artist might have been. Not like we could do anything unless he came up and confessed. But if he's found out even just among the offenders, they will make sure they let him realize their displeasure.

Hopefully the Boss leaves the signs up for a week or so at least. Keep them just a little less comfortable in their surroundings. Maybe it will teach one little snaphead not to write on my walls anymore.

We'll see.


  1. Last time I wrote on any walls was 16 or 17 years ago. I was high. REAL high. I might have been drunk, but do to being way too high I don't remember much. I do remember writing on a wall though, because it has snowed enough to dust the wall with frost, so I had a great idea to write, "Scott was here" on the wall with urine. Well, first let me tell you that the bladder does not hold enough pee for that sort of thing, so I ended up spraying an S that looked like it was painted on and then smeared with a hand, and that was about it.

    I only remember this because some girls claimed to have seen my...pen...and I got some flak for it. ONe said this, the other said that. All I know is that it was pretty chilly that day.

    Curiously, how do you f**k someone in the neck? Do they shank you first?

  2. Scott- Why would you.... never mind.

    I took that bit of graffiti as a threat and replied in kind. There was lots of grumbling and complaining in the med line this evening. And Meatball was there telling them they weren't allowed to talk in the line, either. That made them all good and mad. Revenge is sometimes sweet.