Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Did A Countdown

Starting at 10:30 this evening I am officially on vacation for the next two weeks.

I even stopped and counted off the last five seconds before I walked out the door. That felt good.

And I used the fact that I was going on vacation to keep a couple of the offenders in line. Twice I had to go out and have words with some of them who were acting up.

I'd glance at my watch and say "In a couple of hours I am going on vacation. If I have to stay late and do paperwork over locking you knuckleheads up, I am going to be really really really pissed off. Is that what you want?"

And both times they looked down at the ground and said "No Sir. Sorry, Sir."

Hey, whatever works, right?

Since the wife couldn't get the same time off and we don't have any money anyway, I'm just staying right here for a stay at home vacation.

The only reason I am taking one at all is because I have too much time on the books and if I don't use some of it by October, the state will take it away from me. And I'm not about to let that happen. Not willingly, anyway.

Besides, I think I could really use the break. My shop is half covered with unfinished projects and there are a few on the floor of my office as well. Time to get some of those things done.

I will endeavor to post something here every day. Maybe an old war story or a bad joke of just something silly I found on the internet.

Aaaaahhhhh........ I feel better already.


  1. I have 288 hrs of sick time acrued and 168 hrs of vacation still to use. No money, no vacation time for the honey and no one to cover mey desk when I'm gone.

    1. Critter- I have 280 hours of vacation and over 800 hours of sick time. And they made me take time or I'd lose it. How pathetic is that. Do I need a life or what?

  2. Lol I like old war stories. Lol


    1. Ghost- I got something small but new. But in a way it relates to an old war, if that matters.

  3. Pshaw!
    That's not fair.
    Guys always get to choose first.
    I don't wanna read an old war story
    or anything else.
    I wanna 'hear' a story.
    My eyes don't feel good.
    Can 'you' read us one?
    One you wrote?
    Pretty please....with a cherry on top?

    1. Anon- Hmmm.... Nope. I'm not reading anything aloud. And especially nothing I wrote. This is a rated G venue. Well, PG anyway.

  4. Rev, consider that much sick time injury leave time, FSM forbid something happen at work or something. You'll be glad you have it. A few years ago my ex (and current camping companion) Marie was in a very serious car accident when a drunk hit her and then another car tboned her, all at freeway speed. Anyway, she was off work for a good long time and she had sick leave to help out.
    As for vacation, well just slide some over my way, as you can see on my blog I certainly know what a vacation is.

  5. That means you'll miss my last day. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.