Monday, August 27, 2012

He Should Have Brought His Little Red Wagon!

This is from my pal Dave Moreland at "Bozo Criminal Of The Day."

Bozo criminal for today comes from Mashpee, Massachusetts, where bozo William Cox stole a number of items from local residences and cars, including coins, jewelry, and iPods, placing the stolen items into his backpack. Like the kid in the candy store, he just didn’t know when to stop and soon his backpack was so overloaded that he could barely carry it. The heavy backpack no doubt slowed him down enough that a police dog was able to track him down, leading to his arrest. It was after his arrest that the “weight” of his crimes began to take its toll. He was admitted to the hospital complaining of back pain from carrying the heavy backpack.

Sorry, kids. I've been so caught up in other things that I haven't had time or energy to write.

The chainmail project is still ongoing....
I'll post pictures.

Our home is going to be more crowded soon.
Maybe not a bad thing. (smile)

Trying to find someone to replace our roof. (Oof)
That's six thousand bucks I don't have.

And life goes on......


  1. I say take some time and relax, maybe read a fantastic blog, maybe it's called Tales from a Motel. It might be awesome. I am not one to judge.

    Mashpee...Sounds like something my daughter would refuse to eat.

    As for the roof, easy, claim it as storm damage. They do little to question it, especially if you have had some pretty crazy weather recently. I did. Had one shingle off, due to "wind" and next thing I know I am getting a new roof.

  2. Oh lordee, I am not speculating on a public forum about adding to your household that would make you smile. I knowit's not a kid, those just make you swear.

  3. Those guys cooking meth in their shopping cart were definitely "bozo criminals", although they may even be a step beyond that. The bozo criminal - from what I gather from the few entries I read - is someone who tries to get away with a crime but makes a dumb and obvious blunder. Someone who cooks meth in their shopping cart isn't even trying. It would be like if someone dragged their victim into the police station and then pressed their face against the clerk's desk and shot them in the head. You can't look at something like that and go, "That guy sure made a dumb mistake!"

  4. Yup, the little red wagon would have done the trick!

    Now, about the roof - just did mine about five years ago - epic project. The roofers had to remove four layers of previous roofs, and had to start from the bare bones - I opted for duroid shingles - they work just fine and didn't break the bank...otherwise I would have hauled out that little red wagon, pronto!

    Have fun with the crowded house - good times await you I'm sure!

    Cheers, Jenny