Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Called "Pepper Spray" For A Reason!

You know, except for the thing with the hundreds of sharpened tomato stakes, I was pretty much all for the offenders doing this garden thing. They are apparently doing it all over the state and they have already donated over a thousand pounds of fresh produce to food pantries.

Anything that will have these idiots do something positive is all right in my book.

But there was one item that they planted back in the beginning of this growing season that I had questions about.

Pepper plants.

I thought to myself "How long will it be before one of these knuckleheads gets the idea to squeeze a few dozen of those into a cup or a shampoo bottle and make his own pepper spray?

Sure, it might not be as hot as the stuff we carry but I'd still hate to get a face full of that. I'm sure it would sting like crazy.

So I asked around about the wisdom of them growing their own peppers.

I was told "It's okay. Don't worry. We have this under control."

I bided my time and waited, hoping things would turn out for the best. Them being so much wiser than I.

Note the sarcastic rolling of the eyes there.

Then suddenly just last week, right before the plants were ready to harvest someone said "Holy snap! The inmates are growing their own peppers! We can't have that! What if they turn them into their own pepper spray? Oh my Gawd!!!"

And just like that all of the plants were pulled up and taken away.

Makes me wonder how many bowls of fresh chili were made over the weekend.

He wondered, in a very sarcastic tone of voice.

It's just too much to comprehend sometimes.

Saturday is going to be Twins Day Festival, National Superhero Day and National Lasagna Day.

I'll have mine with no peppers, please.


  1. So they let the inmates do the work of growing the peppers, and then it just happened to dawn on them to comfiscate them at harvest time? Pretty slick.

    1. Bryan- That's what I thought. Bet the Captains and Lieutenants will be making some hot chili.

  2. i dont think it is a good idea for those inmates to get their hands on those peppers they could turn the peppers into a weapon and use them on the the guards