Monday, August 19, 2013

Opening One Up...

If you don't mind me still ranting about this whole PREA thing, then read on.
If it bugs you then....

Go somewhere else is all I can suggest.
Because I have a feeling that I am going to be harping on this subject for a little while yet.

One of the major mistakes that they made in implementing these federal guidelines was that they immediately bombarded the offenders with all this information all of the sudden.  Posters, pamphlets, handouts, etc.  They made sure that they all knew that this was a new thing and that it was something important.  They made sure that if an inmate came up to one of us and said "PREA" that we were supposed to take both notice and action.  There's even an anonymous toll-free hotline that they can call and make a complaint.

So let's see... there are somewhere around three thousand inmates here in Raccoon City.  And if you were to ask each of them what they hate the most, they would almost all say.... Us.  Me and my lads and ladies out there in the ditches.  Not the Warden of the caseworkers or the maintenance guys or the Librarian.  Us.  Because we are the ones that try to keep them in line and lock them up when they are doing something stupid.

And here... let's give them all access to an anonymous toll-free phone that they can call and lodge a complaint against any staff member that hurts their tiny little feelings.

Because... there is no system in place to punish them for making false or spurious claims.

There are tons of things in place to ensure that staff cannot and will not "retaliate" against them for making a claim.  But nothing to stop them from making stuff up just to get a staff member in trouble.

We were waiting for this to happen and it has.  The first official complaint was made against an officer.  As far as I can tell, it has no merit.  It all stemmed from the officer doing his job and the inmate just trying to make trouble for him.  Just a little snaphead trying to wiggle out of being in trouble himself.

This all happened right before the weekend so we are all waiting with bated breath for Monday to see what comes of it.  Wondering how the administration is going to handle the situation.

I do know what will happen if that officer gets disciplined over this.  The amount of hotline calls will go through the ceiling.  Every single one of us will be under investigation and the snapheads will rule the camp.  Inside of a month there won't be anybody left inside the fence.  There will be a continuous conga line of officers walking inside and making one lap around the camp and out the other side looking for another job.

And that, my friends, is just sad.

So if you happen to be looking for some short-term employment, let me know.  I have just the place.

-Long sigh-
Thinking of my happy place...



  1. Good to see your back Rev! But, I see that Raccoon City has not changed since I left for Afghanistan haha am in no hurry to get back. Keep your head up old man.

    1. TJ- You were one of the reasons I came back, pal. Sent me a reply and I had to hunt to find my password again. Once i did I just thought "Well, I have some things to say, might as well..."
      And no, the place has not changed for the better in your absence. I wouldn't be in any big hurry to come back if I were you. But it would be nice to see you again, young pup.

    2. I am stuck in Kentucky going through a medical board waiting to be processed from the Army, the next time I am up that way I will swing that way. Would like so see some of you guys and say hi.

  2. o, hello again. Will, of course, try to not annoy you very much.


    1. Davoh- Nice to see you too. -Smiles- Your replies here are always welcomed with a grin.