Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey Now!

On the subject of sergeants... since it was mentioned by my one and only commenter so far. I have several good sergeants. On several different shifts. And all of them fighting to keep their head above water in the turbulence of the AdSeg unit. They all have their own style and do things their own way. And I, of course, get to hear the criticism running both ways. The two sergeants I work with the most, Jesse and Larry (you know who you are), are both excellent to work for. They know what they are doing and can both make a decision. The difference is that day shift has a different supervisory heirarchy than evenings. On evenings, if we do something and do it by policy and don't bother the higher ups with paperwork or too many details, they leave us alone. We do what we need to do and nobody pees in our wheaties. On day shift, everybody wants to have a finger in the pie, as long as they don't get blamed for any mistakes. And, of course, if it goes badly, then it was our fault to begin with. On evenings you have one lieutenant and maybe a captain there to make a decision one way or another. On days we have multiple lieutenants, captains, a major, a FUM, a warden and a covey of assistant wardens all wanting to make their own decision their own way. As long as they don't get blamed if anything goes bad, anyway. I wish I could get my two sergeants together at a barbecue and have them drink a beer together and get to know each other. What I would like to do is bang their heads together and say "Look! We all want the same thing, which is to get home safe at the end of the shift. Let's work together a little bit and see if we can make this a little easier." It may resort to that. I was on evening shift for almost 5 years straight. I've been on days for maybe 3 months. Not that long, but it's been long enough to see what is going on. I've said it before and I'll say it again.... actually Ben Franklin said it first: "If we don't hang together, we shall surely hang seperately."

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